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Broadcasting process occurred since the idea was created up with the idea disseminated. The steps include the originator of the idea in this case is a communicator, then the idea was transformed into a form of a message can be sent both verbal and nonverbal through channels and or means of communication that allows the message was able to reach khlayak spacious (communicant) The implementation of broadcasting defined by three elements of the studio, transmitter, and receiver. The third element is later referred to as the trilogy broadcasting. The third alloy will then produce broadcasts that can be received by radio receiver or [Harga Televisi Led].

Studio is a system that is instrumental in a broadcasting station, as a sub-system totally integrated, part studio contributed to providers of regular programs that are sustainable. The studio system in general integrated from var ious units of the system as part of the audio, video systems, and lighting and equipped with the infrastructure of art or pictures as production support in particular for audio-visual production. Studio is a production of information and broadcasting, by transforming ideas and concepts to form a message both picture and sound.[laptop]

Studio as a supplier of the event program is divided into two major categories: Live, such as news programs which have the power to immediately broadcast information. Record broadcast, the program recorded beforehand either nondrama programs such as music, sport and drama programs.

Transmitter is one element in the process of broadcasting which serves to deliver pictures and sound from the studio in the form of electromagnetic waves that carry payload information to be transmitted or distributed via cable or optical fiber. There are three ways of communication satellite system DBS System (Free Satellite Broadcasting), Semi DBS System, as well as a combined system (and satellite distribution).

Aircraft Receiver is a tool that works to change eektromagnetik waves that carry cargo and information in the form of voice signal or voice signal and signal the projected image into a form that can be dinikmati.Pancaran message electromagnetic waves that carry a payload of voice signal is formed through a microphone, then this Panaran accepted by the system antenna to be forwarded to the receiver, and the voice signal is converted back into sound in the audio loudspeaker. [3] Bandung this process produces radio broadcasts, while the electromagnetic waves that still carry the voice signal, which is generated by michrophone and signal the projected image, the resulting by systems of lenses and then converted into an image signal in the tube picture taker then this process to produce television broadcasts.

Products Broadcasting Broadcasting is organizing broadcasting activities, namely the circuit of the agenda in the form of audio, voice or visual images dtransmisikan in the form of voice signal or image, either over the air or via cable or optical fiber that can be received by the receiver in the homes. Output broadcasting is broadcast. Broadcasts are abstract objects which are potential to be used to achieve the goals are idiil and material. Broadcast is the result of collective work that require substantial funds a lot of energy and creative professionals as well as sophisticated electrical means which is relatively expensive. Because the production of broadcasting is actually a mass production whose aim is to deliver the information, entertainment and education to the majority of the audience, at considerable cost. In the organization of the broadcast, the broadcast manager always tries to menekatkan themselves to the audience, so there is a public interest mengimpitkan effort that begins by drawing attention to the audience.