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Issues: [[Public Critical Infrastructure]], [[Cybercrime]], [[Cyberwar]], [[Terrorists]], [[Actors and Incentives]]
Issues: [[Public Critical Infrastructure]]; [[Cybercrime]]; [[Cyberwar]]; [[Terrorists]]; [[Actors and Incentives]]
==Key Words==  
==Key Words==  

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World War 3.0: Ten Critical Trends for Cybersecurity

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Marvin J. Cetron and Owen Davies, World War 3.0: Ten Critical Trends for Cybersecurity (2009), The Futurist, September-October 2009 Issue.

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Issues: Public Critical Infrastructure; Cybercrime; Cyberwar; Terrorists; Actors and Incentives

Key Words

Cyber Terrorism, Botnet, Cyber Warfare, Hacktivism


Technological advances and greater connectivity may be making information systems less rather than more secure. A special panel of military, intelligence, and forecasting experts examine the ten most significant trends that will shape the future of cybersecurity.

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* Outline key points of interest