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{{Header_Message|message=This page is for trying out ideas for the main page of the wiki.}}
{{Header_Message|message=This page is for trying out ideas for the main page of the wiki.}}
{|align="center" style="text-align:center; background-color:white" class="wikitable" width="100%"
|-align="center" valign="bottom"
|style="width: 20%"|[[File:toc_icon.svg|105x105px|link=http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/cybersecurity/Table_of_Contents]]<br><b>Table of Contents</b>
|style="width: 20%"|[[File:All_articles3.svg‎|105x105px|link=http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/cybersecurity/Cybersecurity_Annotated_Bibliography]]<br><b>List of All Articles</b>
|style="width: 20%"|[[File:case_studies.svg|105x105px|link=http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/cybersecurity/Category:Case_Studies]]<br><b>Case Studies</b>
|style="width: 20%"|[[File:h2o_icon.svg|105x105px|link=http://h2odev.law.harvard.edu/playlists/633]]<br><b>Suggested Syllabi (H2O)</b>
|style="width: 20%"|[[File:Help_icon4.svg|105x105px|link=http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/cybersecurity/Help]]<br><b>How to Use this Wiki</b>
This Cybersecurity wiki provides a set of evolving resources on cybersecurity, broadly defined, and includes an '''[[Cybersecurity_Annotated_Bibliography|annotated list]]''' of relevant articles and literature, which can be searched in a number of ways. Please [[#How to Start Browsing|see below]].
This wiki is intended as a tool/resource for researchers, technologists, students, policy-makers and others who are interested in cybersecurity issues more broadly. For more information about this first phase of the project, please see [[About|About the Project]].
'''A Note on Methodology''': The materials featured in this wiki are just a starting point for our inquiry; the inclusion of more literature and special pages, such as [[:Category:Case Studies|Case Studies]] or [http://h2odev.law.harvard.edu/playlists/603 Suggested Syllabi], is a work in progress.
==How to Start Browsing==
For a full explanation, please consult the [[Help]] page.
The quickest way to get started is by using the [[Table of Contents]] as a guide to searching articles by type or category. Some of the articles have wiki entries whcih include a synopsis, full bibliographic information, and additional relevant notes.
You might also wish to consult the [[Cybersecurity Annotated Bibliography|list of all articles]] and use the [[Help#How_to_Use_the_Filter|filtering tool]] to receive customized search results by type, category, or a free text search term.
The [[:Category:Case Studies|Case Studies]] page presents a list of selected case studies with short summaries and links to related literature such as news articles and investigative reports.
The [http://h2odev.law.harvard.edu/playlists/603 Suggested Syllabi] section uses the [http://h2odev.law.harvard.edu H2O] platform to feature a selection of playlists for instruction.

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This page is for trying out ideas for the main page of the wiki.