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Overview: [[Books]]
*Overview: [[Books]]
*Issues: [[Economics of Cybersecurity]]; [[Risk Management and Investment]]; [[Information Sharing/Disclosure]]
*Approaches: [[Regulation/Liability]]
==Key Words==  
==Key Words==  

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The Law and Economics of Cybersecurity: An Introduction

Full Citation

Mark F. Grady and Francesco Parisi, The Law and Economics of Cybersecurity: An Introduction (2006) Purchase



Key Words

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Cybersecurity is a leading national problem for which the market may fail to produce a solution because individuals often select less than optimal security levels in a world of positive transaction costs. The problem is compounded because the insecure networks extend far beyond the regulatory jurisdiction of any one nation or even coalition of nations. This book brings together the views of leading law and economics scholars on the nature of the cybersecurity problem and possible solutions to it. Many of these solutions are market based, but in need of aid, either from government or industry groups or both.

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Book's Introduction