The Impact of Incentives on Notice and Take-down

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Full Title of Reference

The Impact of Incentives on Notice and Take-down

Full Citation

Tyler Moore and Richard Clayton, "The Impact of Incentives on Notice and Take-down" in Managing Information Risk and the Economics of Security (M. Eric Johnson ed, 2009). Web



Issues: Economics of Cybersecurity, Incentives, Information Sharing/Disclosure

Key Words

Blacklist, Credit Card Fraud, Cyber Crime, Disclosure Policy, Identity Fraud/Theft, Notice and Take-down, Phishing, Spam


We consider a number of notice and take-down regimes for Internet content. These differ in the incentives for removal, the legal framework for compelling action, and the speed at which material is removed. By measuring how quickly various types of content are removed, we determine that the requester’s incentives outweigh all other factors, from the penalties available, to the methods used to obstruct take-down.

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