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==Full Citation==
==Full Citation==
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Article in Journal: John Maynard Smith, “The Origin of Altruism,''Nature'' 393 (1998): 639.
Article in Journal: John Maynard Smith, ''The Origin of Altruism,'' 639 Nature 393 (1998). [URL_of_Article_if_Availabel_Online  ''Web'']
Article for Conference: Yanpei Chen, et al. "What's New About Cloud Computing Security?" Technical Report for the University of California at Berkeley, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Department, January 20, 2010. 
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Article in Journal: John Maynard Smith, The Origin of Altruism, 639 Nature 393 (1998). [URL_of_Article_if_Availabel_Online Web]

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Issues: Cyberwar

Key Words

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Additional Notes and Highlights

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