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Author/Agency Date Title Type Category
McAfee and the Security Defense Agenda 2012-02-12 "Cyber-security: The Vexed Question of Global Rules: An Independent Report on Cyber-Preparedness Around the World"
Business Roundtable 2012-10-11 "Mission Critical: A Public-Private Strategy for Effective Cybersecurity "
Centre for Secure Information Technologies 2012-09-11 "World Cybersecurity Technology Research Summit (Belfast 2011) "
National Security Cyberspace Institute 2012-07-11 Analogies Whitepaper-K McKee.pdf "A Review of Frequently Used Cyber Analogies "
Center for a New American Security 2012-06-11 "America’s Cyber Future: Security and Prosperity in the Information Age "
European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) 2011-04-11 "Resilience of the Internet Interconnection Ecosystem, at: "
Business Software Alliance, Center for Democracy & Technology, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Internet Security Alliance, Tech America 2011-03-08 "Improving our Nation’s Cybersecurity through the Public-Private Partnership: a White Paper "
CSIS Commission on Cybersecurity for the 44th Presidency, Center for Strategic and International Studies 2011-01 "Cybersecurity Two Years Later "
National Research Council 2010-09-21 "Toward Better Usability, Security, and Privacy of Information Technology: Report of a Workshop "
Joint Workshop of the National Security Threats in Cyberspace and the National Strategy Forum 2009-09-15 "National Security Threats in Cyberspace "
GAO 2012-02-28 "Cybersecurity: Challenges to Securing the Modernized Electricity Grid " Government Report
GAO 2011-12-09 "Critical Infrastructure Protection: Cybersecurity Guidance Is Available, but More Can Be Done to Promote Its Use " Government Report
GAO 2011-11-29 "Cybersecurity Human Capital: Initiatives Need Better Planning and Coordination, at: " Government Report
GAO 2011-10-17 "Federal Chief Information Officers: Opportunities Exist to Improve Role in Information Technology Management " Government Report
GAO 2011-10-05 "Information Security: Additional Guidance Needed to Address Cloud Computing Concerns " Government Report
GAO 2011-10-03 "Information Security: Weaknesses Continue Amid New Federal Efforts to Implement Requirements " Government Report
GAO 2011-10-17 "Federal Chief Information Officers: Opportunities Exist to Improve Role in Information Technology Management " Government Report
GAO 2011-07-29 "Defense Department Cyber Efforts: Definitions, Focal Point, and Methodology Needed for DoD to Develop Full-Spectrum Cyberspace Budget Estimates " Government Report
GAO 2011-07-26 "Continued Attention Needed to Protect Our Nation’s Critical Infrastructure " Government Report
GAO 2011-07-25 "Defense Department Cyber Efforts: DoD Faces Challenges in Its Cyber Activities " Government Report
GAO 2010-08-16 "Critical Infrastructure Protection: Key Private and Public Cyber Expectations Need to Be Consistently Addressed " Government Report
GAO 2011-07-08 "Information Security: State Has Taken Steps to Implement a Continuous Monitoring Application, but Key Challenges Remain " Government Report
GAO 2011-03-16 "Cybersecurity: Continued Attention Needed to Protect Our Nation's Critical Infrastructure and Federal Information Systems " Government Report
GAO 2011-01-12 "Electricity Grid Modernization: Progress Being Made on Cybersecurity Guidelines, but Key Challenges Remain to be Addressed " Government Report
GAO 2010-11-30 "Information Security: Federal Agencies Have Taken Steps to Secure Wireless Networks, but Further Actions Can Mitigate Risk " Government Report
GAO 2010-10-06 "Cyberspace Policy: Executive Branch Is Making Progress Implementing 2009 Policy Review Recommendations, but Sustained Leadership Is Needed " Government Report
GAO 2010-09-23 "DHS Efforts to Assess and Promote Resiliency Are Evolving but Program Management Could Be Strengthened " Government Report
GAO 2010-09-15 "Information Security: Progress Made on Harmonizing Policies and Guidance for National Security and Non-National Security Systems " Government Report
GAO 2010-08-02 "United States Faces Challenges in Addressing Global Cybersecurity and Governance " Government Report
GAO 2010-07-01 "Federal Guidance Needed to Address Control Issues With Implementing Cloud Computing " Government Report
GAO 2010-06-16 "Continued Attention Is Needed to Protect Federal Information Systems from Evolving Threats " Government Report
GAO 2010-03-24 "Information Security: Concerted Response Needed to Resolve Persistent Weaknesses, at: " Government Report
GAO 2010-03-16 "Cybersecurity: Continued Attention Is Needed to Protect Federal Information Systems from Evolving Threats " Government Report
GAO 2010-04-12 "Concerted Effort Needed to Consolidate and Secure Internet Connections at Federal Agencies " Government Report
GAO 2010-03-05 "Cybersecurity: Progress Made But Challenges Remain in Defining and Coordinating the Comprehensive National Initiative " Government Report
GAO 2009-11-17 "Continued Efforts Are Needed to Protect Information Systems from Evolving Threats " Government Report
GAO 2003-08-27 "Efforts to Improve Information sharing Need to Be Strengthened " Government Report
White House/OMB 2011-12-06 "Trustworthy Cyberspace: Strategic Plan for the Federal Cybersecurity Research and Development Program " Government Report
White House/OMB 2011-10-07 "Structural Reforms to Improve the Security of Classified Networks and the Responsible Sharing and Safeguarding of Classified Information " Government Report
White House/OMB 2011-09-14 "FY 2012 Reporting Instructions for the Federal Information Security Management Act and Agency Privacy Managementa " Government Report
White House/OMB 2011-05-16 "International Strategy for Cyberspace " Government Report
White House/OMB 2011-05-12 "Cybersecurity Legislative Proposal (Fact Sheet) " Government Report