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The wiki is currently closed to external editors as we finalize the content and underlying structure of the Literature Review. However, the materials featured in this wiki are just a starting point for our inquiry and we look forward to building upon them with more recent publications. The wiki's approach to defining Cybersecurity remains open and inclusive, therefore we would welcome suggestions from various related fields.

If you have suggestions for inclusion in the wiki we request that you send them to, following the format outline below.

Information to Include

Each suggestion must include the following information:

  • Full citation, including at a minimum:
    • Full title
    • Author (or publishing Agency)
    • Year
  • Link to document (or to where a document can be purchased in case access is restricted)


All entries on the wiki follow a certain format. It would be helpful if your submission will include the following sections:

  • Full title of reference
  • Full citation
  • Categorization
    • Please consult the Table of Contents for a list of existing categories.
    • Please limit yourself to three categories per entry.
  • Type
  • Keywords
    • If available, pull a list of keywords from a publication (e.g. cybersecurity, public goods, and security goods in this article).
  • Synopsis
    • the purpose of the synopsis is to provide a concise overview of the main arguments presented in the article, and highlight its relevance to the understanding of cybersecurity issues.
    • If available, please attach an abstract.

Additional Notes

This section refers to any further context that you could provide for the submission such as book reviews, conference reports, key articles referenced in footnotes, or a table of contents.