Strategy for Homeland Defense and Civil Support

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Full Title of Reference

Strategy for Homeland Defense and Civil Support

Full Citation

Department of Defense, Strategy for Homeland Defense and Civil Support. U.S. Government (2005). Web



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The Strategy for Homeland Defense and Civil Support articulates strategic goals and objectives and provides direction to relevant Homeland Defense activities across the department. These activities include deterring and preventing attacks, protecting critical defense and designated civilian infrastructure, providing situational understanding, and preparing for and responding to incidents.

The strategy defines DoDs strategic objectives in a lead, support, enable framework. The department has the lead role in providing for the defense of the United States, is an important government partner in providing support to civil authorities, and actively seeks to enable domestic and international partners to improve their homeland defense and homeland security contributions.

The strategy focuses on building needed transformational capabilities, enhanced maritime awareness and response capability, strengthened allied contributions to collective security, and improved support to civil authorities.

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