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Issues: [[Books]]
Overview: [[Books]]
==Key Words==  
==Key Words==  

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Schneier on Security

Full Citation

Bruce Schneier, Schneier on Security (2008)



Overview: Books

Key Words

terrorism, security, national security policy, airline travel, privacy, surveillance, ID cards, election security, disasters, economics of security, psychology of security, business, cybercrime, cyberwar, computer and information security


This collection of essays on security: on security technology, on security policy, and on how security works in the real world was previously published between June 2002 and June 2008. They offer a computer security expert's insights into a wide range of security issues, including the risk of identity theft (vastly overrated), the long-range security threat of unchecked presidential power, why computer security is fundamentally an economic problem, the industry power struggle over controlling your computer, and why national ID cards won't make us safer, only poorer. Schneier recognizes that the ultimate security risk is people and that many security paractices are, in fact, security risks.

Additional Notes and Highlights

Table of Contents
 Terrorism and Security
 National Security Policy
 Airline Travel
 Privacy and Surveillance
 ID Cards and Security
 Election Security
 Security and Disasters
 Economics of Security
 Psychology of Security
 Business of Security
 Cybercrime and Cyberwar
 Computer and Information Security