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Navigating Through the Table of Contents

Because this bibliography encompasses such a wide range of cybersecurity issues, the most direct way to get started is to look through the detailed Table of Contents and select Specific Issues or Themes of interest. For example, Cybercrime or Financial Institutions and Networks. At the top of each topic page within the Table of Contents is a "bread crumb" trail showing the path through the Table of Contents to that page. This trail not only shows you how the current page topic fits into the overall structure of the bibliography, each level in this trail is individually selectable allowing you to move up one or more levels to broaden your search. For example, if you are looking at the TOC-> Issues-> Economics of Cybersecurity->Incentives page, you can click on the Issues-> link to see references addressing all the cybersecurity Issues topics.

At the bottom of each topic page is a list of subcategories leading deeper into the Table of Contents from the current topic. This allows you to drill down to pages with greater specificity. For example, if the current page is TOC-> Issues-> Economics of Cybersecurity-> (shown in the bread crumb trail at the top of the page), the bottom of the page will offer links to the five subcategories of the Economics of Cybersecurity including:

Choose a Broad Topic Area to Explore

If you are interested in beginning with a broad topic area, however, you might choose to start your search from one of the Broad Topics. This allows you to search within the broad categories of Overview, Resource by Type, Threats and Actors, Issues, and Approaches.

See the List of All Articles

An alphabetized filterable list of all documents in the wiki is available on the Cybersecurity Annotated Bibliography page.

How to Use the Filter

All pages listing articles contain a filtering tool for quick and easy customization of search results by type, category, or a free text search term.

Selecting more than one document type will display as a union of the results, e.g. checking "Book" and "Journal Article" will display both books and journal articles included in the list.

Only one category (or all categories) can be displayed at once, however, the default search will also display all subcategories. Thus, selecting "3.3 Security Targets" will also include documents categorized as "3.3.2 Private Critical Infrastructure" and " Transportation." To exclude subcategories, check the box under the categories drop-down menu.

Using the free text search field will return matches in all of the table's fields.

In addition, each column is sortable. This function is especially useful for searching by date, type, or author.

Choose a Case Study

The Case Studies page presents a list of selected case studies with short summaries and links to related literature such as news articles and investigative reports.

View Suggested Syllabi

The Suggested Syllabi section uses the H2O platform to feature a selection of playlists for instruction.

Wiki Resources

This section contains some tools for wiki editing and management.

How to Add a New Reference to this Wiki

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