Hardening The Internet

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Hardening The Internet : Final Report and Recommendations by the Council

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Nat'l Infrastructure Advisory Council Hardening The Internet (2004). Web



Key Words

Department of Homeland Security, Research & Development


The Council’s report focuses its recommendations in the following three areas:

1) Near-term Approaches: Encouraging the adoption of Best Current Practices as the most effective approach to harden existing defenses against attack. The Council centers these recommendations on education and awareness initiatives and research into the adoption of BCPs;

2) Long-term Approaches: With sufficient time for research and development, additional work on core Internet protocols can be used to harden the Internet and associated networks and devices against malicious attacks. The Council centers these recommendations on more robust research and development;

3) Empowerment: In the near and long term, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and law enforcement agencies need on-going capabilities to investigate suspicious activity, prosecute cyber criminals, and harden their core operations. The Council centers these recommendations for empowering ISPs and law enforcement agencies on research and policy issues.

Additional Notes and Highlights

For a list of Best Current Practices, see the National Reliability and Interoperability Council’s Best Practices Selector at http://www.bell-labs.com/cgiuser/krauscher/bestp.pl