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==Hard Problem List==
==Full Reference Title==
Hard Problem List
==Full Citation==
==Full Citation==

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Full Reference Title

Hard Problem List

Full Citation

INFOSEC Research Council (2005): Hard Problem List. U.S. Government. Online Paper. Web



Overview: Government Reports

Key Words

Research & Development


Members of the INFOSEC Research Council (IRC) are the major sponsors of information security research within the U.S. Government. The Hard Problem List defines desirable research topics by identifying a set of key problems from the Government perspective and in the context of IRC member missions. Solutions to these problems would remove major barriers to effective information security (INFOSEC). The Hard Problem List is intended to help guide the research program planning of the IRC member organizations. It is also hoped that nonmember organizations and industrial partners will consider these problems in the development of their research programs. Policy makers and planners may find this document useful in evaluating the contributions of ongoing and proposed INFOSEC research programs.

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