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==Key Words==  
==Key Words==  
''See the article itself for any key words as a starting point''
[[Keyword_Index_and_Glossary_of_Core_Ideas#Crimeware| Crimeware]],
[[Keyword_Index_and_Glossary_of_Core_Ideas#Cyber_Security_as_an_Externality | Cybersecurity as an Externality
[[Keyword_Index_and_Glossary_of_Core_Ideas#Interdependencies | Interdependencies]],
[[Keyword_Index_and_Glossary_of_Core_Ideas#Internet_Service_Providers | Internet Services Providers]],
[[Keyword_Index_and_Glossary_of_Core_Ideas#Malware | Malware]],
[[Keyword_Index_and_Glossary_of_Core_Ideas#Software_Vulnerability | Software Vulnerability]],

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Full Title of Reference

Economics of Malware: Security Decisions, Incentives and Externalities

Full Citation

Michel J. G. van Eeten and Johannes M. Bauer, Economics of Malware: Security Decisions, Incentives and Externalities. Report for the Organization of Co-operation and Development (OECD) (2008). Web



Key Words

Crimeware, [[Keyword_Index_and_Glossary_of_Core_Ideas#Cyber_Security_as_an_Externality | Cybersecurity as an Externality Interdependencies, Internet Services Providers, Malware, Software Vulnerability,


This could be an abstract from the article.

Additional Notes and Highlights

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