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Anderson, Ross (2001) [[Why Information Security is Hard]]
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Anderson, Ross and Moore, Tyler (2006)  [[The Economics of Information Security]]
Anderson, Ross J. (2008) [[Security Engineering]]
Anderson, Ross, et. al (2008) [[Security Economics and the Internal Market]]
Arora et al. (2006) [[Does Information Security Attack Frequency Increase With Vulnerability Disclosure]]
Aviram, Amitai and Tor, Avishalom (2004) [[Overcoming Impediments to Information Sharing]]
Barkham, Jason (2001) [[Information Warfare and International Law on the Use of Force]]
Beard, Jack M. (2009) [[Law and War in the Virtual Era]]
Bohme, Rainer ''(2005)'' [[Cyber-Insurance Revisited]]
Bohme, Rainer and Kataria, Gaurav ''(2006)'' [[Models and Measures for Correlation in Cyber-Insurance]]
Bohme, Rainer and Schwartz, Galina ''(2010)'' [[Modeling Cyber-Insurance]]
Brown, Davis  (2006) [[A Proposal for an International Convention To Regulate the Use of Information Systems in Armed Conflict]]
Camp, and L. Jean and Lewis, Stephen (2004) [[Economics of Information Security]]
Camp, L. Jean and Wolfram, Catherine  (2004) [[Pricing Security]]
Center for Strategic and International Studies (2008) [[Securing Cyberspace for the 44th Presidency]]
Clarke, Richard A. and Knake, Robert (2010) [[Cyber War]]
Clinton, Larry ''(Undated)'' [[Cyber-Insurance Metrics and Impact on Cyber-Security]]
Computer Economics, Inc. (2007) [[2007 Malware Report]]
Computing Research Association (2003) [[Four Grand Challenges in Trustworthy Computing]]
Department of Commerce (2010) [[Defense Industrial Base Assessment]]
Department of Defense (2005) [[Strategy for Homeland Defense and Civil Support]]
Department of Defense Office of General Counsel ''(1999)'' [[An Assessment of International Legal Issues in Information Operations]]
Department of Defense (2007) [[Mission Impact of Foreign Influence on DoD Software]]
Department of Homeland Security (2003) [[The National Strategy for the Physical Protection of Critical Infrastructures and Key Assets]]
Department of Homeland Security (2009) [[A Roadmap for Cybersecurity Research]]
Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence (2006) [[Critical Infrastructure Threats and Terrorism]]
Dörmann, Knut  (2004) [[Applicability of the Additional Protocols to Computer Network Attacks]]
Dunlap, Charles J. Jr. ''(2009)'' [[Towards a Cyberspace Legal Regime in the Twenty-First Century]]
Energetics Inc. (2006) [[Roadmap to Secure Control Systems in the Energy Sector]]
Epstein, Richard A. and Brown, Thomas P. (2008) [[Cybersecurity in the Payment Card Industry]]
Financial Services Sector Coordinating Council for Critical Infrastructure Protection (2008) [[Research Agenda for the Banking and Finance Sector]]
Franklin, Jason, et. al (2007) [[An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Internet Miscreants]]
Gandal, Neil (2008) [[An Introduction to Key Themes in the Economics of Cyber Security]]
Grady, Mark and Parisi, Francesco (''2006'') [[The Law and Economics of Cybersecurity: An Introduction]]
Grady, Mark F. and Parisi, Francesco (2006) [[The Law and Economics of Cybersecurity]]
Granick, Jennifer Stisa (2005) [[The Price of Restricting Vulnerability Publications]]
Hollis, Duncan B. (2007) [[Why States Need an International Law for Information Operations]]
Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection (2003) [[Cyber Security Research and Development Agenda]]
Johnson, Eric M (2008) [[Managing Information Risk and the Economics of Security]]
Johnson, Vincent R. (2005) [[Cybersecurity, Identity Theft, and the Limits of Tort Liability]]
Kobayashi, Bruce H. (2006) [[An Economic Analysis of the Private and Social Costs of the Provision of Cybersecurity and Other Public Security Goods]]
Korns, Stephen W.  (2009) [[Cyber Operations]]
Kramer, Franklin D., et. al (2009) [[Cyberpower and National Security]]
Lernard, Thomas M. and Rubin, Paul H. (2005) [[An Economic Analysis of Notification Requirements for Data Security Breaches]]
Lernard, Thomas M. and Rubin, Paul H. (2006) [[Much Ado About Notification]]
McAfee, Inc. (2010) [[McAfee Threats Report]]
Moore, Tyler and Clayton, Richard  (2007) [[Examining the Impact of Website Take-down on Phishing]]
Moore, Tyler and Clayton, Richard  (2008) [[The Consequence of Non-Cooperation in the Fight Against Phishing]]
Moore, Tyler and Clayton, Richard  (2009)  [[The Impact of Incentives on Notice and Take-down]]
Moore, Tyler, et. al (2009) [[The Economics of Online Crime]]
National Cyber Defense Initiative (2009) [[National Cyber Defense Financial Services Workshop Report]]
National Cyber Security Summit Task Force ''(2004)'' [[Information Security Governance]]
National Infrastructure Advisory Council (2004) [[Hardening The Internet]]
National Institute of Standards and Technology (2006) [[SP 800-82: Guide to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Industrial Control Systems Security]]
National Research Council (2007) [[Toward a Safer and More Secure Cyberspace]]
National Research Council (1999) [[Trust in Cyberspace]]
National Science and Technology Council ''(2006)'' [[Federal Plan for Cyber Security and Information Assurance Research and Development]]
Networking and Information Technology Research and Development ''(2009)'' [[National Cyber Leap Year Summit 2009, Co-Chairs' Report]]
Powell, Benjamin ''(2005)'' [[Is Cybersecurity a Public Good]]
President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection ''(1997)'' [[Critical Foundations]]
President's Information Technology Advisory Council ''(2005)'' [[Cyber Security: A Crisis of Prioritization]]
Romanosky et al. (''2008'') [[Do Data Breach Disclosure Laws Reduce Identity Theft]]
Schmitt, Michael N., et. al (2004) [[Computers and War]]
Schmitt, Michael N. (1999) [[Computer Network Attack and the Use of Force in International Law]]
Schmitt, Michael N. (2002) [[Wired Warfare]]
Schneier, Bruce (2003) [[Beyond Fear]]
Schneier, Bruce (2008) [[Schneier on Security]]
Schwartz, Paul and Janger, Edward (2007) [[Notification of Data Security Breaches]]
Sklerov, Matthew J. (2009) [[Solving the Dilemma of State Responses to Cyberattacks]]
Stohl, Michael (2006) [[Cyber Terrorism]]
Swire, Peter P (2004) [[A Model for When Disclosure Helps Security]]
Swire, Peter P (2006) [[A Theory of Disclosure for Security and Competitive Reasons]]
Symantec Corporation (2010) [[Symantec Global Internet Security Threat Report]]
Telang, Rahul and Wattal, Sunil (''2007'') [[Impact of Software Vulnerability Announcements on the Market Value of Software Vendors]]
Thomas, Rob and Martin, Jerry (2006) [[The Underground Economy]]
Todd, Graham H. (2009) [[Armed Attack in Cyberspace]]
Trend Micro Incorporated (2010) [[Trend Micro Annual Report]]
United States Secret Service (2004) [[Insider Threat Study]]
van Eeten, Michel J. G. and  Bauer, Johannes M. (2008) [[Economics of Malware]]
Varian, Hal (2000) [[Managing Online Security Risks]]
Varian, Hal (2004) [[System Reliability and Free Riding]]
Watts, Sean (2010) [[Combatant Status and Computer Network Attack]]
White House ''(2003)'' [[The National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace]]
White House ''(2009)'' [[Cyberspace Policy Review]]
White House ''(2010)'' [[The Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative]]
Zittrain, Jonathan L. (2008) [[The Future of the Internet and How To Stop It]]

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