Cyber Security Research and Development Agenda

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Cyber Security Research and Development Agenda

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Inst. for Information Infrastructure Protection Cyber Security Research and Development Agenda (2003). Web



Overview: Government Reports

Key Words

Research & Development


This initial Cyber Security Research and Development (R&D) Agenda identifies R&D topics of significant value to the security of the information infrastructure that are either not funded or under-funded by the collection of private sector and government-sponsored research activities in the United States. The Agenda is based on information gathered and analyzed during the 2002 calendar year and reflects the input of experts in industry, government, and academia. The Agenda, together with that supporting information, is intended to aid researchers in identifying problems and R&D program managers in defining program directions. Areas in which new or additional research is needed include:

• Enterprise Security Management

• Trust Among Distributed Autonomous Parties

• Discovery and Analysis of Security Properties and Vulnerabilities

• Secure System and Network Response and Recovery

• Traceback, Identification, and Forensics

• Wireless Security

• Metrics and Models

• Law, Policy, and Economic Issues

Additional Notes and Highlights