Computers and War

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Computers and War: The Legal Battlespace

Full Citation

Michael N. Schmitt, Heather A. Harrison, Thomas C. Wingfield, Computers and War: The Legal Battlespace(2004). Web

Article in Journal: John Maynard Smith, “The Origin of Altruism,” Nature 393 (1998): 639.

Article for Conference: Yanpei Chen, et al. "What's New About Cloud Computing Security?" Technical Report for the University of California at Berkeley, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Department, January 20, 2010.



Issues: Laws of War/Cyberwar

Key Words

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This article briefly addresses the legal issues surrounding computer use in classic kinetic-based warfare. Attention then turns to the most significant phenomenon for humanitarian law, namely the employment of information technology during network-centric, four-dimensional operations, which increasingly characterize twentieth-first century conflict.

Policy Relevance

Policy and Legal Implications, relevant law.

Case Examples

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