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The development of this wiki is supported by the Minerva Initiative.

The resources have been assembled by a team at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, under the guidance of Jack Goldsmith. Please see Jack's blog for up-to-date coverage of national security and cybersecurity news, issues, and analysis.

Contributors include: David Abrams, Jacob Albert, Urs Gasser, Shane Matthews, Caroline Nolan, David O'Brien, and Felix Treguer.

Please note that the wiki is currently closed to external editors as we finalize the content and underlying structure of the Literature Review. During Fall of 2012, we will provide additional opportunities for users to weigh in, contribute to, and comment on the wiki content. The initial collection has undergone some expansion and we intend to continue and build on that with more recent writings, based on feedback and recommendations from external reviewers and others.

A Note on Methodology: The materials featured in this wiki are just a starting point for our inquiry; the collected articles are dated through 2012. They were selected as foundational documents on the recommendation of select researchers, and we look forward to building upon them with more recent publications. This expansion, including special pages such as Case Studies and Suggested Syllabi, is a work in progress.

If you have feedback, comments, or suggested additional readings/resources, please contact: cybersecurity-feedback@cyber.law.harvard.edu.
Prior to suggesting material for inclusion in the wiki, please consult the Submitting Feedback page.

Attribution: Some of the pages on this wiki use graphics form the Noun Project collection. For specific attribution and licensing, please see the list of media assets.