A Roadmap for Cybersecurity Research

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A Roadmap for Cybersecurity Research

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Dep't of Homeland Sec. Sci. and Tech. Directorate, A Roadmap for Cybersecurity Research (2009). Web



Overview: Government Reports

Key Words


The intent of this document is to provide detailed research and development agendas for the future relating to 11 hard problem areas in cybersecurity, for use by agencies of the U.S. Government and other potential R&D funding sources. The 11 hard problems are:

1. Scalable trustworthy systems (including system architectures and requisite development methodology)

2. Enterprise-level metrics (including measures of overall system trustworthiness)

3. System evaluation life cycle (including approaches for sufficient assurance)

4. Combatting insider threats

5. Combatting malware and botnets

6. Global-scale identity management

7. Survivability of time-critical systems

8. Situational understanding and attack attribution

9. Provenance (relating to information, systems, and hardware)

10. Privacy-aware security

11. Usable security

For each of these hard problems, the roadmap identifies critical needs, gaps in research, and research agenda appropriate for near, medium, and long term attention.

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