2010 Top Cyber Security Risks Report

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2010 Top Cyber Security Risks Report

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HP TippingPoint DVLabs, 2010 Top Cyber Security Risks Reports (2010). Online Paper. Web



Key Words

Antivirus, Botnet, Cyber Crime, Malware, Patching, Phishing, Social Engineering, SPAM, Trojan, Worm, Zero-Day Exploit


In 2010, information security threats are striking networks with more sophisticated techniques than ever and exploit reports continue to dominate the media. The collective findings described within this report establish the fact that the proliferation of technology, along with the quick and effortless manner in which that technology is accessed, is dramatically and negatively impacting security. While we are not advocates for making technology more difficult, we do advocate implementing common sense security policies and technologies that battle well-known and new threats. This report evaluates some of the most significant security liabilities that the enterprise is facing today. The report focuses on four key areas:

  • Increased Consumerization of Enterprise Computing
  • Prolonged and Persistent Targeting of Web Applications
  • Increased Organization and Sophistication of Attackers
  • The Unrelenting Presence of Legacy Threats

In addition to explaining how and where the enterprise is vulnerable, the report provides insights into how organizations can protect themselves from attack, including what the next generation of computing should look like to maximize security for the corporate network.

Additional Notes and Highlights

Expertise Required: Technology - Moderate