2010 Top Cyber Security Risks Report

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Full Title of Reference

2010 Top Cyber Security Risks Report

Full Citation

HP TippingPoint DVLabs, 2010 Top Cyber Security Risks Reports (2010). Online Paper. Web



Key Words

Antivirus, Botnet, Cyber Crime, Malware, Patching, Phishing, Social Engineering, SPAM, Trojan, Worm, Zero-Day Exploit


In this report, TrendLabs, Trend Micro's research lab, discusses 2009's most persistent threats and presents why users need to be more engaged in keeping their systems secure than ever before. These five most recurring and ever-present threats effectively challenge even the more tech-savvy businesses who encounter them either through lack of network security or of education and appreciation of the severity of threats on the part of employees. At the end of each discussion, a list of security dos are recommended for large enterprises and smaller businesses alike. The threats discussed are:

  • Downad/Conficker Network Worm
  • Koobface Social Network Worm
  • Zeus/Zbot Crimeware
  • Rogue Antivirus Applications
  • Zero-Day Exploits

Unlike the Symantec Global Internet Security Threat Report, trend Trend Micro report is primarily concerned with the threats themselves and does not provide an extensive statistical or financial discussion of cybercrime or its prevalence.

Additional Notes and Highlights

Expertise Required: Technology - Moderate

Link to the latest Trend Micro's Threat Reports.