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Political Blogs

Lecture Videos

The lectures for this week are on Monday, October 9th at 1:15pm and Tuesday, October 10th at 1:15pm. Both will be taped. They will be available here in QuickTime format approximately 24 hours after they occur.

Monday 10/09/06 (watch first)

Monday 10/09/06 (watch next)

Tuesday 10/10/06 (watch first)

Tuesday 10/10/06 (watch next)

Get the Videos Delivered (or if you have trouble w/ playback)

  • Democracy Player is a free and open source video player/aggregator that will download and play back your class videos (sort of like a TiVo for your computer).
  • Mplayer is another free and open source video player with its own codecs for playing Real(tm) and Quicktime(tm) (as well as all the other common formats). Some people who have problems with Democracy Player can play the videos with mplayer.
  • VLC is another video player. It is, in my opinion (this being Dean), far easier to use than Mplayer.

From the Syllabus

Monday, Oct. 9. Practice Day: Introduction to Video
  • Production Guest: Jason Crow, Cambridge Community Television

See notes from Jason Crow's guest lecture here.

Tuesday, Oct. 10. Public Citizen Discourse: Political Blogs and Net Organizing
  • Guests: Professor John Palfrey, Berkman Center for Internet and Society;
  • Assignments: none
  • Readings: none

See notes from the Palfrey discussion here.

Interesting Reading on Blogging & Politics:

The Rise of Blogs
Times profile of liberal bloggers on the campaign trail (need to register free w/ nytimes.com)
An Irish conference will examine the benefits of political blogging
Wikipedia Article on Political Blogs
On the Author Effect: Recovering Collectivity (not about political blogs, but discusses the collective way in which "authorship" is now being performed online; has implications for the power political blogs can and do have)
Interesting discussion of blogs and development

Links to Some Political Blogs:

The list is getting pretty long-- click here to see it, and add any others you read.

Thoughts on Political Blogs

Click here to read our thoughts and add yours. Bonus: Jordan Catalano weighs in!

Video Editing

HOWTO: Useful Links

It might be useful to have some tools or tutorials on video editing, if people are interested. If anyone knows of a good, free video editor for Windows, a link would be great. I understand Jahshaka is powerful, but I haven't been able to figure out how to use it. - ccwalsh

I am glad you asked that question, ccwalsh. I was hoping to get a little deeper into video production tools and techniques. Here are some great places to start:

For tips on all aspects of video production: http://www.current.tv/make/training http://www.mediacollege.com/video/

I especially like the Ira Glass on storytelling piece.

For a free video editor for Windows: http://www.avid.com/freedv/

For a free video editor for Mac: http://www.avid.com/freedv/ (only works in 10.4.2) or iMovie that comes installed on machines.

Remember, you are welcome to sign up for a CCTV membership and take classes: http://cctvcambridge.org/classes