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Lecture Videos

The lectures for this week are on Monday, Dec. 4th at 1:15pm and Tuesday, Dec. 5th at 1:15pm. Both will be taped. They will be available here in QuickTime format approximately 24 hours after they occur.

Class Notes Monday 12/04/06 (A Word From Becca)

Monday 12/04/06 (watch first)

Monday 12/04/06 (watch next)

Class Notes Tuesday 12/05/06 (Woo Hoo!)

Tuesday 12/05/06 (watch first)

Tuesday 12/05/06 (watch next)

Get the Videos Delivered (or if you have trouble w/ playback)

  • Democracy Player is a free and open source video player/aggregator that will download and play back your class videos (sort of like a TiVo for your computer).
  • Mplayer is another free and open source video player with its own codecs for playing Real(tm) and Quicktime(tm) (as well as all the other common formats). Some people who have problems with Democracy Player can play the videos with mplayer.
  • VLC is another video player. It is, in my opinion (this being Dean), far easier to use than Mplayer.