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The Short Version

This is the 8 minute version that shows you how to get video onto the Internet fast. All you'll need is a digital camera that records video and a computer with an internet connection.

The Short Version

warning: some digital cameras have a recording time limit -- test your camera before you shoot something important

The LONG Version

This wasn't nearly as concise as I had hoped. At any rate, this late in the game, I recommend you use the above method. If you must edit your video, I suggest that you find a mac w/ iMovie. Every mac has the same hardware/software, and that takes a lot of variables out of the equation. This video is about 70 minutes long.

The Long Version (part 1)

The Long Version (part 2)

Basics of iMovie

Import your footage

For camcorder w/ tape: Plug firewire into camcorder and computer, open iMovie, use the 'import' button (on the playback screen).

For digi cam or already digitized footage: Press (File > Import) and browse to the video file.

Arrange on Timeline: Move clips down onto timeline (click the clock icon below playback window). You can rearrange and cut clips up by dragging them around and using (Edit > Split Clip at Playhead).

Titles/Transitions: In the editing menu on the right side (below the clip library). Over black will make plain title on black.

Exporting/Sharing settings (iMovie)

  • (File > Export) or (File > Share)
  • Choose Expert Settings

Uploading Footage: Watch the "short version" video for a quick how-to.