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Podcast 1


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  • What the heck is our project about? What prompted us to do this? Who are we to do this, anyway?
    • Build brand recognition
    • Outline argument/objectives
    • Introduce key players in CyberOne Warriors (SL Avatar names only)



  1. You're listening to the kickoff podcast for the CyberOne Warriors. This podcast is brought to you by Harvard Extension School, and the CyberOne class at Harvard Law School.
  2. I'm crislc Amdahl, and I'll be your host for this week's podcast.
  3. Today's topic: Who are we, and why are we here?
    • The Warriors are a project group in the CyberOne class. We're also residents in Second Life, and want to encourage others to use it as an educational platform.
    • Even though we're relatively new immigrants to SL, we think that the in-world experience should be available to everybody. As more organizations build educational areas -- like the NOAA's simulation, Metorea, or CyberOne's very own Berkman Island -- it's important that they're made available to anyone who's interested. Right now, that's impossible. To protect minors, Linden Lab has chosen to sequester them in "Teen Second Life". We don't think that this gets at the root of the problem, and have an alternative solution to offer.
    • There are definitely areas of Second Life that aren't safe for minors. One trip to the Archan Free Sex Community could warp a teenager for life -- or at least until they find those old Playboy magazines you keep in the basement.
    • It's also true that there are many kinds of transactions in Second Life that you don't run into accidentally on the street. The ability to teleport, and the lack of warning notices in Mature Areas, both make it very easy for the unwitting to stumble across something they shouldn't.
  4. We do believe that Adult Areas have every right to an in-world presence; the same right as any educational instutution, or Doctor Seuss simulation.
    • This isn't about forcing adult-only sims to close down; after all, Second Life is not Disney World.
    • This is about putting up some warning signs and safeguards, to promote a more open experience for everyone.
  5. You may think that this is a moral crusade in disguise. The truth is that children aren't the only ones at risk, right now.
    • Carrying out a sexual transaction with a minor, even in a virtual world, may be illegal in many parts of the USA. If you're a shop owner or a sex worker, you could be charged with a crime you never knew you committed.
    • We don't think it makes sense to lock away an entire world, just because a few neighborhoods may be unsafe.
    • The current situation also forces content creators to build two versions of their sims -- one for the main grid, and one for the Teen grid.
  6. Instead of blocking away a segment of the population, we just need to provide a clear marker when a Resident enters a mature area.
    • When Linden removed the Credit Card verification system, they also removed the only effective barrier to keep teens out of the main grid.
    • While the Terms of Service may free LL from liability, they don't do anything to actually protect Residents.
  7. Our proposal has two pieces:
    1. Put up notification signs when you teleport into a mature area.
    2. Start a movement to build a verification system, and hand out "badges" to verified Residents.
  8. We think that these simple changes will allow everyone to reach out and get a Second Life. If you want to help build a more open world, email us at

  1. Who are we?
    • About CyberOne
      • Class at Harvard Law School
      • Unique: trying to bring education to the world, via Second Life
    • About the CyberOne Warriors
    • About 'crislc Amdahl'
  2. The importance of Second Life
    • What it is:
      • 3-D Virtual World
      • Triggers social cues
    • Why it matters:
      • As a society, we're still trying to figure out how to deal with a non-physical geography.
      • Literally, socially-impactful, 3-D cyberspace.
      • Like the "Wild West" in the US 19th century: no law, except what you can enforce yourself.
  3. What is our project?
    • Age Verification -- keep minors out of Adult Only areas in SL.
  4. Why is it important?
    • I want open access in all parts of Second Life. Right now, that's not safe; and if we leave all the policing for LL, it's not going to get much safer.
      • They're already overwhelmed.
      • In the absence of government, it's the citizens' responsibility to establish the rule of law.
  5. Who cares, and why do they care?
    • LL (liability)
    • Owners of mature areas (liability)
    • Sex workers in SL (liability)
    • Parents, who aren't even in SL (won't somebody think of the children!)
    • Teenagers who are in SL (allow them access outside of "teenager island")
  6. Who would be against it?
    • Teenagers (restricts their access inside of SL -- right now they can just lie about their age)
    • Sex workers (drive away customers)
    • Owners of mature areas (drive away customers)