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My name's Phil

Full name is Philippe Shink. I grew up in Montreal, Quebec and have spent a lot of time there working and studying (working at McGill University and a large Canadian Telco) I have managed to travel around a bit, and if you're curious ask me and I'll gladly elaborate. My SL username is lIHd Sellery, you can reach me at my first name dot my last name at or same name at gmail.

Why am I interested ?

I have an undergraduate degree in Communications Studies from Concordia University in Montreal [1], and have a long running interest in media and media studies. I am currently JD 2L and Bond university in Australia [2] and I'm doing an exchange for a semester at Duke Law [3] to pick up some IP electives.

Since I'm currently in the US I thought that now would be a good time to check out this course. I've been reading a lot about World of Warcraft communities lately and find MMOs fascinating. As a law student I don't really have the spare time to loose myself in Warcrack so I thought SL would be a good way to learn more about them. Also the SL environment seems like a more interesting way to explore distance learning.

What am I doing here?

I have been SL-Curious since a friend of mine, Bopuc, first introduced me to SL through his Blog [4]. When I heard about the course I thought, "Bingo, good opportunity to satisfy my curiosity". This course also seems to me like it will compliment another course I'm studying this semester IP, Free Speech and the Public Domain, with Jennifer Jenkins, who is a fantastic teacher and who heads up the Center for the Public Domain at the Duke Law school [5] Jeniffer has also worked on a comic book, with james Boyle and Keith Aoki, Bound By Law: Tales From The Public Domain, [6] that is available freely as a PDF under a Cc license, and is IMHO a great example of advocacy and convincing argument online.