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Long Winded Bio

Martin Hannigan began his Internet career in 1988 as a founding member of the MIT Internet Special Interest Group and has worked at a variety of "tier1" Internet companies holding senior level technical management positions at VeriSign, Level(3) Communications, Internap, and Microsoft. Some of his areas of activity include CALEA, where he has been a key contributor to the Act's technical implementation in the US, operational research and implementation enabling carrier networks to achieve faster speeds with more reliability, and most recently he was appointed a member of the ICANN Address Supporting Organization Address Council "ASO AC" by the ARIN Board of Directors.

Current Internet community activity includes

Current work includes research on root-server operators of the DNS, BGP routing table analysis, Government network intelligence, and consulting at a [ ILEC in the Caribbean. Yes, he's quite a busy guy, but he's currently taking credit classes at Harvard University Extension School and trying to justify traveling less for employers due to 'class'.

I've made some presentations that may be interesting in this environment as my goal is not only to learn, but to share. Feel free to send me email asking about anything I may list:

Contact Information

Martin Hannigan
Cambridge, MA 02141
Cell: 001-617-821-6079
Email: My last name @ Google.Com


I link to business and academic contacts here. The email to make a LinkedIn request if you are so inclined is "my last name "

Articles I've Written

I wrote about Revenue Pirates in the Network in response to a posting on the ICANN GA list today.