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My name is Daniell Krawczyk and I work on the intersection between traditional community media (cable access television) and the emerging rebirth of citizen journalism/participatory media that's happening online. In the past I worked at Community Media centers in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Lowell, Massachusetts. In Grand Rapids I helped design and launch the MOLLIE project as a VISTA, and in Lowell I founded the DigitalBicycle. I now live in Raleigh, North Carolina and work for Princeton Server Group creating broadcast servers that can be used to run a local television station AND interact with the local and global community using the internet.

I've come to this class as a huge fan of Dean Jansen, Jason Crow, Steve Schultze, and Rodica Buzescu. Before I left Massachusetts at the beginning of this year I used to hang around the Berkman Center for the free lunches and telecom policy discussions (though Isenberg could have charged admission and I would have paid). I've tried hanging around the Berkman Island for the same effect but somehow the pixels don't taste as good as the pickles Erica used to get from the deli. Of course, I'm still pretty rusty in Second Life so there might be some setting that I haven't turned on yet.

In addition to lapping up the lectures and blog entries I'd like to contribute in any way that I would be of assistance. I have a fair amount of experience compressing and distributing video for rebroadcast on public access stations and I'm working on connecting a number of stations that I'm sure would like versions of the videos produced by this class to run on their channels. If I can help make this happen, let me know. Also, if folks are attempting to incorporate content from this course into video editing projects in iMovie or Final Cut Pro, I'll do what I can to help develop a good workflow and later troubleshoot it when things don't work the way they are expected to. Unfortunately my NLE experience is limited to a Mac so I won't be much help to those trying to do video on their PC.

Finally, I spend way too much of my day staring at a computer screen and typing. I love the idea of participating in this course but I probably don't need to increase my amount of computer-mediated interactions. So while I can be reached by email ( and may be found floating around the treehouse area of Berkman Island, I'd prefer to primarily communicate over the phone or in person (beer optional). Email is still the best way to establish contact but in the end I don't need to add to my email to-do list as much as I need to talk to real people. (No offense meant to the avatars who are reading this).