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Alison Healey is a 2L at Harvard Law School. Alison's passions include criminal justice, tennis, and kickboxing. Negotiation, mediation, and alternate forms of dispute resolution are among her other areas of interest; this year, she is a Basic Training Director for the Harvard Mediation Program. She's a sports enthusiast - Go Yankees! She's also thrilled that it's football season. This is the first web page Alison has ever created, so it will be a challenge...Attempts will be made to add links and make the page fancier as the days go by. Feel free to ask questions/add comments!

Try Alison's File:Dragon (a beginner Scratch game - Try to earn 12 points by helping the dragon eat fruit. Beware! Dragon does not like strawberries, and veggies may be in disguise!)

Alison's Thoughts about Scratch: JNL Entry 9.25