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Welcome to My Page Regarding the Use of Laptops in Class


Garg.jpg Laptop use in the classroom has become a controversial issue. Many professors feel that laptops get in the way of learning because students are distracted by games, news articles, blogs, e-mail, etc. For this reason, some professors want to ban laptops so that students pay attention in class and learn without distractions. Many students, however, feel that they should have the choice of whether or not to use a laptop. They feel they should be able to use the tools they are accustomed to when taking notes, and are adult enough to police themselves.

My project is a video that tries to speak to professors who want to ban laptops and show them that there are benefits to laptops. This video speaks from the perspective of the laptop and tries to show that banning laptops may not be necessary. It tries to tell professors what they don’t see on and behind the screens. Hopefully it will get people to think, professors and students. If the professors still feel that laptops use should not be unrestricted, it tries to provide other options. If nothing else, maybe it will inspire professors to open dialogue with their students and together they can find a common ground for each course.

To view the video please click here.



Please use the space below to comment on the video and on the use of laptops in the classroom in general. Please follow the coding format used and add your comment to the table. Thanks!

Occupation Comment
Student I believe that classrooms can benefit from a more immersive experience and that laptops can aid in that endeavor
Student I sometimes find other people using laptops can be distracting for me in class
Student I agree that it other people using laptops can be distracting, but I still feel that all the benefits presented are important, and if the majority of students find it beneficial then it might be easier for non-laptop users to adjust than the laptop users, even though it may still be difficult.