Transcript from Wrap-Up Meeting, December 14, 2006

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You = GeoffMcG Xi

[17:23] You: I wanted to get us together to give a bit of a wrap up.

[17:23] John Parmelee: I'd like to discuss what people are thinking of doing with second life.

[17:24] John Parmelee: Rebecca sent a message about the discussion I am hosting next Wednesday.

[17:24] John Parmelee: I work at Norwich University

[17:24] You: tell us some more about what you have planned.

[17:24] John Parmelee: We're looking at Second Life to do some simulations.

[17:25] John Parmelee: I am hosting a podcast and discussion

[17:25] John Parmelee: next Wednesday at 1 pm. EST to talk about it.

[17:25] John Parmelee: I've invited everyone from the At LArge group

[17:25] You: what sort of simulations?

[17:25] John Parmelee: as well as some people from our own university to join us.

[17:26] John Parmelee: I don't want to give out too much.

[17:26] John Parmelee: Because I want people to participate in the discussion next week.

[17:26] John Parmelee: But we are looking to do something with information security.

[17:26] John Parmelee: I'm curious, are other people here from universities?

[17:27] You: souds like a good topic. where will the meeting be held?

[17:27] Erka Vacirca: I'm from a state U in Tennessee

[17:27] John Parmelee: We'll meet right here.

[17:27] John Parmelee: Hi Erka

[17:27] Erka Vacirca: hi

[17:27] John Parmelee: I wanted to experiment with the podcasting system

[17:27] John Parmelee: I'll do a short podcast followed by a discussion.

[17:28] You: do you know how to play podcasts trhough the island's player?

[17:28] John Parmelee: No, I don't

[17:28] Erka Vacirca: I'll try to make it there if I am able

[17:28] John Parmelee: Rebecca said that she could do it.

[17:28] John Parmelee: Apparently, you just need to give her the URL of your source file.

[17:29] John Parmelee: I'm not sure if you can run it yourself, but she needs to program the system.

[17:29] John Parmelee: Have other people followed the class from start to finish?

[17:29] You: cool, sounds like it will be a great event. i'll try to make it.

[17:29] John Parmelee: I have to admit that I haven't kept up as much as I should.

[17:30] You: with?

[17:30] Erka Vacirca: I followed the videos

[17:30] You: videos or the readings?

[17:30] John Parmelee: I haven't seen all of the class lectures.

[17:30] John Parmelee: I didn't do all of either.

[17:30] You: this is the sort of thing i was hoping to discuss tonight.

[17:30] Erka Vacirca: I was not too good about the readings

[17:30] You: how we participated, what we liked and found frustrating.

[17:30] John Parmelee: I noticed that there was a lot of material produced by people's participation.

[17:31] John Parmelee: From blogs to discussion.

[17:31] You: the reason is that there is going to be an open component to Cyber2 offered in the Spring Semester.

[17:31] John Parmelee: There was almost an explosion of material.

[17:31] You: where did that explosion take form?

[17:31] You: in discussion, on the wiki?

[17:31] John Parmelee: Well

[17:31] John Parmelee: The class was set up so that everyone would contribute.

[17:32] John Parmelee: Student blogs, podcasts, even lecture notes.

[17:32] Erka Vacirca: My impression was that on the wiki, most of the discussions died out quickly

[17:32] John Parmelee: It's an interesting theory.

[17:32] John Parmelee: Yes, I noticed that as well.

[17:32] You: ok, let's start with the wiki, then

[17:32] You: what was it good for, what did it fall short in?

[17:32] Erka Vacirca: There was little reaction to the blogs that were posted, except in class

[17:33] John Parmelee: The theory behind the class, as I understood it, is that the participants would produce much of the content in their discussion

[17:33] You: i found the wiki enormously useful, until about two thirds of the way through the class.

[17:33] John Parmelee: It worked partially.

[17:33] John Parmelee: But as you said, eventually it sort of died out.

[17:33] Erka Vacirca: Few people gave written feedback to the blogs other than Rebecca

[17:33] You: why did the wiki die?

[17:33] Erka Vacirca: I meant the podcasts

[17:33] You: i know i was actively involved in editing it

[17:34] You: but then we got into the individualized projects.

[17:34] John Parmelee: Maybe because we were not registered students.

[17:34] John Parmelee: I like the idea of open learning

[17:34] You: why would that affect wiki use?

[17:35] John Parmelee: But maybe it's hard to stay motivated when there is no stick over your head.

[17:35] You: and yet we are all here tonight

[17:35] You: even after the class is done.

[17:35] John Parmelee: I plan to try to do all of the material next time.

[17:35] You: i think the most remarkable thing is that there can be no stick, but a great amount of learning and participation.

[17:36] John Parmelee: Did you say it would run in the spring again?

[17:36] You: it is a different class. the topic is internet and society.

[17:36] John Parmelee: That should be interesting.

[17:36] John Parmelee: Maybe I'll end up with a Harvard degree.

[17:37] You: lol, wouldn't that be nice.

[17:37] John Parmelee: You know.

[17:37] John Parmelee: Some schools think of open learning like this as giving away the store.

[17:37] John Parmelee: But surely

[17:37] John Parmelee: Nobody chose not to go to MIT

[17:37] John Parmelee: because of their class notes online

[17:38] Namron Paster: I don't believe Harvard will ever give bonafide degrees for at-large participants especially since this is a free service

[17:38] You: thats a good point

[17:38] You: are we doing it for some non-existant degree?

[17:38] You: i don't get the impression that anyone was here for that.

[17:38] Namron Paster: Yes, our thirst for knowledge

[17:39] You: and did we learn?

[17:39] John Parmelee: I'm here to learn what we can do at our own school.

[17:39] John Parmelee: I certainly learned about education.

[17:39] Erka Vacirca: I wanted to learn about the subject and also see what a Harvard Law class was like

[17:40] You: ok, can we go back to the tech used in the class to see how best we can learn with these new media?

[17:40] You: we know that video seemed the most used source.

[17:40] You: and the class readings much less so.

[17:40] Erka Vacirca: Fortunately Harvard has the resources in technology to do it right

[17:40] John Parmelee: Did other people have trouble with the video sound?

[17:40] Namron Paster: I would have like to have used Scratch, however I don't believe we were afforded that opportunity Correct?

[17:41] Erka Vacirca: I had to adjust the sound when people moved the microphone closer to them, but otherwise it was OK

[17:41] You: Scratch was more of an in-class tool because, i believe, the software is still in beta

[17:41] You: how many of you made podcasts?

[17:41] Namron Paster: I did

[17:42] You: and john, you said you'll be giving a podcast next week

[17:42] Erka Vacirca: Not me, but I gave feedback on several

[17:42] John Parmelee: Yes, I made one that I'll give next Wednesday at 1 pm. EST.

[17:42] You: do you, erka, feel like you could easily use the audacity software?

[17:42] John Parmelee: I used audacity.

[17:42] John Parmelee: It was very easy.

[17:42] Erka Vacirca: Probably if I put my mind to it

[17:42] John Parmelee: By the way,

[17:43] You: great.

[17:43] John Parmelee: I encourage anyone else who wants to try podcasts

[17:43] John Parmelee: to make one and give it to me to play.

[17:43] You: i had a lot of fun maaking mine with sariah chihuly.

[17:43] John Parmelee: To try out the system.

[17:43] Erka Vacirca: I felt like I would rather give feedback to others, since most podcasts that were posted had no comments

[17:43] You shout: did any of you get to use the question tool?

[17:44] John Parmelee: What is that?

[17:44] Erka Vacirca: I thought you had to be in class to use that

[17:44] Namron Paster: I don't believe the Q tool had much value except during the classroom project presentations

[17:45] You: i guess that answers it. question tool was used in class a few times. it allows users to post questions on a webpage. other users in the class can vote for the questions they want the instructor to answer.

[17:45] Erka Vacirca: I can imagine what would happen if you tried to use that in most undergraduate classes -- jokes and snide comments

[17:45] You:

[17:45] You: that is the url for the QT

[17:46] First Tani: ok

[17:46] Namron Paster: I really think it would have been good to be live so that we could ask questions

[17:46] You: the reason i ask is that there is a discussion going on about having more synchronicity between the in class and at large experiences.

[17:46] You: there are drawbacks to that--time restrictions on when you need to be free to fully participate.

[17:47] Erka Vacirca: That can happen if the video feed is live

[17:47] You: yes, erka. that is the concept.

[17:47] You: does that sound like a good idea to anyone?

[17:48] Namron Paster: I know what you mean. I was able to review the videos on a bus in Norway last week

[17:48] Erka Vacirca: It could be or it could disrupt the flow of the class if people kept stopping to look at the screen behind the professor

[17:48] You: without worry of the time zone effect

[17:49] You: the asynchronous aspect, however, might make some @large students feel alienated from the in class audience. thoughts?

[17:50] Erka Vacirca: I liked observing the in-class interaction and didn't feel a need to jump in

[17:50] Namron Paster: it bothered me that quite often the same law students were grandstanding for attention Anyone else see that

[17:50] You: yup.

[17:50] You: but that happens in law school. they are called "gunners."

[17:50] Namron Paster: thank you

[17:51] John Parmelee: I wonder what the Harvard students thought of us?

[17:51] Erka Vacirca: Freeloaders?

[17:51] You: oooh, good point john.

[17:51] John Parmelee: Of course, they didn't interact with us

[17:51] Namron Paster: I am surprised that Prof Nesson was not tougher on some of the "gunners"

[17:51] John Parmelee: But they probably would not think much of us

[17:51] You: there seemed to be some that pretty strongly argued the counterpoint to open access.

[17:52] You: did we do a good job of convincing them of its value?

[17:52] Erka Vacirca: We did have some of them present their podcasts here and get feedback from us.

[17:52] John Parmelee: I'm afraid that I have to go. By.

[17:52] Erka Vacirca: Bye

[17:52] You: bye john. see you in a week.

[17:52] Namron Paster: I believe we did, as Prof Nesson made a point about this in the last week of class

[17:53] Erka Vacirca: There were around 4 of them who came right here and presented

[17:53] You: i couldnt make that meeting (RL called), but i loved the idea. how did you think it went?

[17:54] Namron Paster: HOw does one present a project in SL?

[17:54] Erka Vacirca: Rebecca played their podcasts and then we discussed it

[17:54] You: good question

[17:55] Erka Vacirca: They stood up front here and we reacted to their ideas

[17:55] Erka Vacirca: Professor Nesson was here for that one too

[17:55] You: did any of them comment on the experience?

[17:56] Erka Vacirca: No, it was similar to what they did in the classroom. They thanked people and sat down and the next person came up

[17:56] Namron Paster: What about the Question Tool, was that introduced live?

[17:56] You: the reason i ask, is that the value of open access to the university seems to depend in part on whether the in class students can make use of our community.

[17:56] Erka Vacirca: Except that it was a little more chaotic with many people commenting at once

[17:56] You: yes, QT was used live for the in-class students

[17:57] Namron Paster: I mean, was the QT used for the SL Project Presentations?

[17:57] Erka Vacirca: No

[17:58] You: changing gears, a little: what did we not like about this experience?

[17:58] Erka Vacirca: But we could just type our questions and they would appear in chat, so there was no need

[17:58] Namron Paster: I see

[17:59] You: i know that i found it frustrating trying to get @large project groups started.

[17:59] Erka Vacirca: I was disappointed that there was less online messages in the course Wiki, etc

[17:59] You: what do you mean?

[18:00] Erka Vacirca: A couple times people tried to start conversations in Rebecca's instructors blog but no one responded

[18:00] Namron Paster: I was disappointed that the blog sites went to sleep

[18:00] You: why did you expect more of the blogs?

[18:01] Erka Vacirca: It was the one place for at largers to interact with in-class students, other than SL

[18:01] Namron Paster: I think blogs are a good resource for communications between all participants

[18:01] You: is there a way for us to encourage blog usage?

[18:03] Namron Paster: The person that manages the blog needs to encourage constant participation. the content has to be up to date and of interest

[18:03] Erka Vacirca: I suspect that most people might prefer to interact in SL over blogs if given a choice

[18:03] You: did you come to SL often?

[18:04] Erka Vacirca: I came more and more as the semester went on, especially after Rebecca commented that few people were taking advantage of office hours

[18:04] Namron Paster: No, I had much trouble in the earlier period of the class because my computer was not equipped with the correct graphic card

[18:04] You: this does require some pretty heavy duty tech.

[18:05] Erka Vacirca: Office hours became fairly lively towards the end of the semester

[18:05] Namron Paster: Not really, but it does require a robust graphic card, and many of the earlier notebook computers are not compatible and difficult to update the graphics

[18:05] Erka Vacirca: I think the majority of them were extension students

[18:06] You: did you get to interact much with the x-school students?

[18:06] Namron Paster: Not at all

[18:06] Erka Vacirca: Yes, some

[18:06] Erka Vacirca: You just had to come during office hours

[18:08] Erka Vacirca: If rebecca wasn't here, things would not really get going

[18:08] Namron Paster: This is my first discussion meeting on SL so I can't comment, except that i can see the value of this Especially if SL incorporated speech

[18:08] You: it is interesting that you think becca was the key. i think she did a great job. but couldn't this work without a section leader?

[18:09] Erka Vacirca: One of the presentations here was about that and the sound failed in the middle of the podcast

[18:09] You: lol

[18:09] Erka Vacirca: People said -- see that's one drawback of sound

[18:10] Erka Vacirca: Yes, i think it could work if there is some structure. Project groups had meetings, but I didn't go to any of those

[18:10] You: were there projects you wanted to get involved in, or did none of them catch your fancy?

[18:11] Erka Vacirca: I did as much as I was able -- about 4 hours per week watching videos, listening to podcasts and reading/writing messages. That's why i didn't sign up for a project. I knew I wouldn't be able to put the necessary time into it.

[18:11] You: sounds like you did quite a bit--especially for someopne doing this recreationally.

[18:11] Erka Vacirca: I decided at the beginning not to be in a project

[18:12] You: what was the goal you had in mind? i know you wanted to see what a harvard law class was like. but did you want to get something from your participation?

[18:13] Namron Paster: Personally, I did not see too much enthusiasm from the Law Students for the Projects It appeared to me that many just wanted to get credit for the course

[18:13] Erka Vacirca: As time went on, I was learning so much about podcasts, wiki's etc that it was a rewarding experience

[18:13] You: gret!

[18:13] You: er, great.

[18:13] Erka Vacirca: There was less law content than I thought there would be

[18:14] You: i think there were a lot of in class students who took the course very seriously.

[18:14] You: yes, this was very different than most law classes

[18:14] You: were your expectations fulfilled?

[18:15] You: hi ymmij

[18:15] Namron Paster: I think the empathic argument had mixed reception by the students, but I like the idea of it. Prof Nesson is a very wise man

[18:15] Erka Vacirca: Yes, I was happy with the experience and will continue to participate. I may do an MIT course next

[18:16] Ymmij Jervil: Hello all! Sorry for miling - Heard there was going to be a class and guess I missed it. Legal content? Good?

[18:16] You: was there anything more that you wanted to see--looking back with 20/20 that is

[18:16] Erka Vacirca: I thought that the empathic argument was a concept that students struggled with throughout the semester

[18:17] Namron Paster: Yes, and it is a great concept. I am beginning to use it in my personal life, especially with my family

[18:17] You: ymmmij, there was a group discussing our experiences in a law class (that's us) and there was another group discussing another topic, but i dont really know what that was.

[18:17] Erka Vacirca: The student feedback to Prof Nesson was posted for the first couple weeks and then they stopped posting it

[18:17] You: emp arg is very useful skill to have.

[18:17] Erka Vacirca: The things he had them fill out at the end of some classes

[18:18] Ymmij Jervil: How does one find out about these sessions by topic?

[18:18] Namron Paster: Yea, I noticed that too

[18:18] You: do you wish he continued posting the feedback?

[18:18] Namron Paster: Yes

[18:18] Erka Vacirca: Also, the instructor's blog had few postings

[18:19] You: well, this was a wrap up for a semester long class at harvard law school. there is another class offered next semester on internet and society that you are welcome to participate in.

[18:19] You: oh, he left.

[18:19] You: yeah, i though the feedback was really interesting.

[18:19] Erka Vacirca: There's one drawback of SL discussions -- people come and go quickly

[18:20] You: hard to make an empathic argument if the other peson teleports in the middle of it.

[18:20] Erka Vacirca: yep

[18:21] You: what are ways that you think could get you more involved?

[18:21] Namron Paster: I think it would be good to continue to connect through a blog or perhaps SL until the next session

[18:21] Erka Vacirca: I'm not sure what could get me more involved. I had about as much involvement as I wanted

[18:22] You: until the spring semester or weekly?

[18:22] Erka Vacirca: All you can really do with at-largers is invite them to do things and they either show up or they don't

[18:23] Namron Paster: I noticed that the Moodle Site (which is an online courseware program) just died in the early stages. Not sure what the idea for using it was

[18:23] You: i'm not either. i never got the chance to use it

[18:23] Erka Vacirca: I didn't either

[18:24] Erka Vacirca: Perhaps things like the Moodle were one reason that some of the students said that the course seemed to be losing focus

[18:24] You: too many different techs?

[18:24] Erka Vacirca: Prof. Nesson commented on that feedback in one class

[18:25] Namron Paster: I think the Wiki precluded the necessity for Moodle

[18:25] Erka Vacirca: Yes, but that was part of the experimental nature of the course-- see what works

[18:26] Erka Vacirca: I thought that the video by at-larger Bruce was one of the best things done by an at-larger

[18:26] Namron Paster: Yes, I think that we can add much to the direction of this type of education format

[18:26] Erka Vacirca: The one shown in class

[18:26] You: i agree!

[18:26] You: why did you like it?

[18:26] Namron Paster: Also agre

[18:27] Erka Vacirca: It added something from the at-large group that was of value to the class

[18:27] Erka Vacirca: or Prof Nesson seemed to think so

[18:27] Namron Paster: Bruce exhibited more maturity and experience than the law students

[18:28] You: are those sorts of projects useful ways to incorporate the at large audience--both to keep us interested and to let the in-class students know that we are there?

[18:28] Erka Vacirca: Bruce brought his class here to observe the student presentations in SL

[18:28] You: very cool

[18:29] Erka Vacirca: The only problem is that Rebecca says there is a limit of 40 people on Berkman at any one time

[18:29] Erka Vacirca: I think they will need to expand that in the near future

[18:29] Namron Paster: I think matriculationg students can learn much from at large participants living in the "REAL World"

[18:30] Erka Vacirca: Many of the at-large people are educators

[18:30] You: how can they get more from our experiences?

[18:30] You: becasuse if we can demonstrate our value, then i think we can sell them on this.

[18:31] Erka Vacirca: Unfortunately I think you would almost have to require interaction with at largers or the students wouldn't make time for it

[18:31] Namron Paster: By promoting interactive communication between the at large and matriculating students

[18:31] Erka Vacirca: They were more or less required to come and present here

[18:31] You: i think the blog idea is a good one for that (as a starter)

[18:32] Erka Vacirca: as an alternative to presenting in class

[18:32] Namron Paster: There is such a think as Net Meeting or Video Conferencing

[18:33] You: ok, what would those add?

[18:33] Erka Vacirca: Several of us wrote messages to the student who presented on the teacher in Texas who was fired over the art museum and he responded to our feedback about his in class presentation

[18:33] You: an additional sense of intamcy?

[18:33] You: i think his was a great presentation.

[18:33] You: im glad that he was involved with the community.

[18:34] Erka Vacirca: videoconferencing could work

[18:34] Erka Vacirca: it would bring people into direct interaction

[18:34] You: how would we incorporate videoconferences?

[18:34] Namron Paster: Video Conferencing would be much more live than SL

[18:34] You: on a weekly basis?

[18:34] You: just for projects?

[18:35] Namron Paster: need to think about it

[18:35] Erka Vacirca: Some of us don't have cameras to videoconference with

[18:35] You: i'm one of them, but i think i could locate one if needed

[18:36] Namron Paster: VC is used in the business world, and I often use Skype for conferencing live discussions for free

[18:36] Erka Vacirca: audio might work just as well until the technology improves

[18:36] Namron Paster: We could be Skyping right now and I think that would be more intimate

[18:37] You: are these suggestions for the meetings between at-large students--times like this/

[18:37] Erka Vacirca: I think there will be more and more problems with crosstalk as more people get involved

[18:37] You: that problem can translate to this format too--this chat gets crowded at times.

[18:38] Erka Vacirca: yes but at least you can scroll back and see what was said

[18:39] Erka Vacirca: I have a feeling that in a few years many more people will be involved as this catches on

[18:39] You: how do we advertise?

[18:39] You: i hope all of you will be involved next semester.

[18:40] Namron Paster: Looking forwared to it

[18:40] Erka Vacirca: I saw the video that Prof Nesson made and I saw several stories about the coming cyberone class and that's why I joined

[18:40] Erka Vacirca: That seemed to work OK

[18:40] Erka Vacirca: to get the word out

[18:41] Erka Vacirca: Maybe the novelty will be less next time and there will be fewer news stories though

[18:41] Erka Vacirca: You could put signs around SL

[18:41] You: i think there should be some heavy recruitment from the current community for next seemsters!

[18:42] Namron Paster: I can't even remember how I found this class, but I am happy that i did

[18:42] You: SL aadvertising is a keen idea

[18:42] Erka Vacirca: Some of the educators are working on getting their students more familiar with SL and that may help recruitment

[18:43] Namron Paster: I believe that as more people join as at-large participants, the open courseware will run into logistical problems

[18:43] Erka Vacirca: Yes, I agree

[18:44] You: such as?

[18:44] Desideria Stockton: May I join?

[18:44] You: sure!

[18:45] Namron Paster: HOw is it possible for the instructors to interact with all the students

[18:45] Desideria Stockton: I teach English at a Community College

[18:45] You: welcome welcome.

[18:45] Desideria Stockton: I have been following Cyber One all emester

[18:45] Erka Vacirca: limitations of Berkman island (40 max paticipants), crosstalk, etc

[18:45] Namron Paster: Hello Desideria Welcome

[18:45] You: have you been involved in Cy1 this semester/

[18:45] Desideria Stockton: thanks

[18:45] You: great!

[18:45] You: we'd love to hear your thoughts about it.

[18:45] Desideria Stockton: I am very impressed with the content

[18:46] Desideria Stockton: I have watched the video podcasts

[18:46] Desideria Stockton: I am impressed by the student engagement

[18:46] Desideria Stockton: Are you students?

[18:46] You: we have been really happy to have such a well formed community of people involved @large.

[18:47] You: we are all @largers.

[18:47] Desideria Stockton: how does one become an @larger?

[18:47] You: you are one!

[18:47] Desideria Stockton: lol

[18:48] You: are you on the mailing list?

[18:48] Desideria Stockton: I am a member of the Google group

[18:48] You: then you are all set.

[18:48] Desideria Stockton: ah, I joined the gorup

[18:48] Desideria Stockton: oops group

[18:48] Namron Paster: Many of us have made an entry in the At-Large Participants Page on the Wiki

[18:48] You: we have been talking about what worked this semester, what didnt, what could have been better, what we would want to see in the next seemsters open access course.

[18:49] Desideria Stockton: Oh, interesting

[18:49] Erka Vacirca: Did any of the at-large projects get completed?

[18:49] Desideria Stockton: Please continue

[18:49] You: i did a podcast, and i worked on organizing the at large wiki throughout the seemster. i thought that was a success (until use dropped off).

[18:50] Desideria Stockton: What are the plans for next semester?

[18:50] Desideria Stockton: given the assessment of this semester?

[18:51] You: well, that is still in development. but the course is:

[18:51] Erka Vacirca: Rebecca said that the course will make use of a moot court here in SL and that the at-largers can serve as witnesses as well as participating in the content

[18:52] Desideria Stockton: Oh, that would be lovely

[18:52] Desideria Stockton: I wonder if people will engage discourse in the same way virtually as they would in R

[18:53] Desideria Stockton: for example, would a pornographer be more accepted here in SL than in RL?

[18:53] Erka Vacirca: I suspect it will be alittle awkward in a court trial

[18:53] Desideria Stockton: Would we judge someone dressed like Batman differently here than if (s)he wore that in real court

[18:53] Erka Vacirca: good point

[18:53] You: i think those are great questions. have you tried dressing like Batman in here?

[18:53] Desideria Stockton: No

[18:54] Desideria Stockton: I have an alter ego as a belly dancer

[18:54] The Sojourner is Offline

[18:54] You: one of the great things about SL is that you can try that out, with relatively few consequences.

[18:54] Desideria Stockton: exactly

[18:54] Desideria Stockton: the gender divide is a bridged here in ways it can't be in RL

[18:55] Erka Vacirca: Rebecca mentioned that once or twice someone tried to disrupt meetings here and she muted them, but i never witmessed a problem

[18:55] You: nor did I

[18:55] Desideria Stockton: I plan to pilot small uses this Spring, but in the summer, I wil be running a WOmen's Studies course

[18:55] Desideria Stockton: and I think I may do a large portion here in SL

[18:56] Desideria Stockton: I have been to a few different campuses

[18:56] You: let us know about that as it develops. I think many of the at large community would be interested in participating.

[18:56] Desideria Stockton: they are all wonderful, and they are diverse

[18:56] Desideria Stockton: I welcome participants!!!

[18:56] Desideria Stockton: Have you been to Bryan Mnuemonic's classroom?

[18:56] Namron Paster: How does one schedule classrooms and space here on the island

[18:56] Desideria Stockton: I am sure that is not spelled correctly, lol

[18:57] Desideria Stockton: I don't know if anyone can use this space

[18:57] Erka Vacirca: What is that?

[18:57] You: i dont know, since this is the property of Harvard Law School.

[18:57] Desideria Stockton: Bryan has a wonderful classroom at Glidden

[18:58] Erka Vacirca: Second Life may start offering spaces for classes as a means of getting users

[18:58] Erka Vacirca: or at least someone said that in a discussion here a few weeks ago

[18:58] Desideria Stockton: I think they should create a Second Life Community College

[18:58] Desideria Stockton: that would be very cool

[18:59] You: i do think that a central clearing house for open access classes would be a good idea.

[19:00] Erka Vacirca: You can find many of them through Google fairly easily, but i probably missed some

[19:00] Erka Vacirca: I found the Tufts and MIT open courseware sites through Google

[19:01] Desideria Stockton: I do all of my work as open source

[19:01] Desideria Stockton: UCLA-Berk has some ice stuff

[19:01] You: have you run into any troubles with your college administration?

[19:01] Desideria Stockton: jean-Claude bradley at Drexel has some great stuff on Orgo Chem

[19:01] Desideria Stockton: me?

[19:02] You: yup

[19:02] Desideria Stockton: No. Not from the Admin- believe it or not, the biggest headaches come from other faculty

[19:02] You: hi zelda.

[19:02] Desideria Stockton: the ones who resist technology

[19:02] Desideria Stockton: Hi Zelda

[19:02] Zelda Locataire: hi geoffmcg xi!

[19:02] Desideria Stockton: I have been called "stupid" in meetings

[19:02] Desideria Stockton: for sharing

[19:02] Zelda Locataire: Hi Desideria!

[19:02] Zelda Locataire: Stupid?

[19:02] Desideria Stockton: Yes; I am amazed by the vocabulary of English professors

[19:02] Zelda Locataire: What were you sharing?

[19:03] Desideria Stockton: I share all of my course content

[19:03] Desideria Stockton: all of my lecture notes that are not based off of texts

[19:03] Desideria Stockton: copyrighted texts

[19:03] Desideria Stockton: All of my podcasts

[19:03] Desideria Stockton: etc

[19:03] Zelda Locataire: Why, do they think that is not a good thing?

[19:03] Desideria Stockton: They think that it is "stupid" to give up my "rights."

[19:04] Desideria Stockton: But, really, what can I say that is so incredibly profound about Beowulf that hasn't already been said?

[19:04] Desideria Stockton: I think educational sharing is amazing and inspritational

[19:04] You: ahahaha

[19:04] Desideria Stockton: I am motivated by the successes of others

[19:04] Zelda Locataire: True. As long as you are not going to use the info in a paper or something, but that goes without saying.

[19:04] Desideria Stockton: Right

[19:05] Desideria Stockton: But, I do my research in the open, as well

[19:05] Desideria Stockton: This locks me out of publishing in most journals

[19:05] Namron Paster: I applaud you Desideria?

[19:05] You: hi aphilo

[19:05] Desideria Stockton: Hi Aphilo

[19:05] You: glad you could make it

[19:05] Zelda Locataire: I also have all my lectures/presentations on my class blog.

[19:05] Aphilo Aarde: Hi

[19:05] Aphilo Aarde: How are you?

[19:05] You: great

[19:05] Zelda Locataire: MIS and computer science

[19:05] Desideria Stockton: What do you teach Zelda?

[19:05] Zelda Locataire: you?

[19:05] Desideria Stockton: It is great to meet all of you

[19:05] Desideria Stockton: what do the rest of you teach

[19:06] You: political science and law

[19:06] Erka Vacirca: psychology

[19:06] Aphilo Aarde: I tried to get on at 9:20 but that failed at the cafe I was in, then at ('40 at a new place, but no. . . .

[19:06] You: no probs

[19:06] Desideria Stockton: What a diverse group

[19:07] Desideria Stockton: Do any of you publish in Open Access journals?

[19:07] Zelda Locataire: No, do you and, if so, which ones?

[19:07] Desideria Stockton: I don't (yet)

[19:07] Erka Vacirca: There aren't many in my field

[19:07] Desideria Stockton: I am finishing a preprint on communication structures between open and closed chemistry

[19:08] Zelda Locataire: It sounds like a positive experience.

[19:08] Desideria Stockton: based on Habermas theory of lifeworld and system communication

[19:09] Desideria Stockton: I think it would be interesting to study those princeiples in SL too

[19:09] Desideria Stockton: system versus lifeworld communication

[19:09] You: what would you folks like to see offered to at large students next seemster in Cy2--not so much content wise, but thinking in terms of what happened this semester.

[19:09] Zelda Locataire: It sounds like it would be appropriate

[19:10] Zelda Locataire: good question

[19:10] You: i'd like to see a big at large project, but that might be a problem.

[19:10] Erka Vacirca: More meetings in SL where everone can interact

[19:10] Zelda Locataire: Will this course be offered again in the spring?

[19:11] You: no, a different class. let me get the link...

[19:11] Namron Paster: I've got to go. Nice to meet all of you. GoodNight and see you in the next session of CyberOne

[19:11] You: bye namron!

[19:11] Zelda Locataire: good night!

[19:11] Desideria Stockton: good night

[19:12] You:

[19:12] Zelda Locataire: thanks

[19:12] Erka Vacirca: Bye Namron

[19:13] Erka Vacirca: I don't see any mention of at-large at that course link

[19:13] You: good observation. that's because it is still in development.

[19:13] Erka Vacirca: But I guess the link is more for the information of in-class students

[19:13] You: hence, the feedback from tonight!

[19:13] Aphilo Aarde: What kind of feedback did you get, Geoff?

[19:14] Aphilo Aarde: My battery is about to run out, but I'm interested in a continuation of more open learning processes.

[19:14] You: well, we have been discussing what tools have been useful, what levels of involvement we can expect,

[19:14] Zelda Locataire: What did everyone think about having the at large people involved?

[19:14] You: what expectations we have

[19:14] Aphilo Aarde: Would you send me a transcrip of this chat?

[19:15] Aphilo Aarde: possibly, please? Or post it?

[19:15] You: yeah, i'll post on the wiki tonight

[19:15] Desideria Stockton: great

[19:15] Aphilo Aarde: Great.

[19:15] Erka Vacirca: In some ways, the amount of things going on in the class was overwhelming

[19:15] Aphilo Aarde: I can't see anyone, but the map shows people are around.

[19:16] Erka Vacirca: There were probably 20-30 pocasts, many blogs & wikis

[19:16] You: including myself and you, apphilo, there are six people here.

[19:16] Desideria Stockton: I heard a great tip

[19:16] Desideria Stockton: don't use wireless

[19:16] Desideria Stockton: use a landline

[19:16] Desideria Stockton: it works like a charm

[19:16] You: erka, that is a wonderful point.

[19:17] Aphilo Aarde: I think Charlie Nesson's guidance and vision, and Becca's instrumentation, and mode of engaging, helped make this course successful, - I think there continued engagement would be helpful.

[19:17] You: well, they have lots of obliigations and i wouldn't think of speaking for them. but there is a great team lined up for Cy2

[19:17] Aphilo Aarde: Great . . . !

[19:18] Erka Vacirca: Yes and Rebecca knows how to use the SL technology like the screen up front here

[19:18] Aphilo Aarde: My battery is dying so I should go. ... I would have liked to have participated in this whole conversation. . . . I look forward to more in December and January.

[19:18] You: great, aphilo

[19:19] You: we'll be in touch through the mailing list at least.

[19:19] Aphilo Aarde: See you in SL soon!

[19:19] Aphilo Aarde: Yes ... and in world too.

[19:19] Aphilo Aarde: Bye.

[19:19] Desideria Stockton: I had to step out for a sec

[19:19] You: you have my email too.

[19:19] Erka Vacirca: I believe Rebecca said that she and her father will be coordinating the SL portion of the course in spring even though others are teaching the class, unless I misunderstood her

[19:20] Desideria Stockton: they are wonderful

[19:20] You: they will be teaching a winter tem class on evidence law. unfortunately i dont know much about that.

[19:20] You: but the Cy2 class is the one i sent the link about.

[19:21] Erka Vacirca: Maybe that's what she was referring to

[19:21] Erka Vacirca: I guess she will let us know through the google mailing list what is available

[19:21] You: its possible

[19:22] You: well friends, i need to go. this has been a great discussion and i hope it can continue on the blogs and wiki, as well as in-world

[19:22] Desideria Stockton: thanks

[19:23] Erka Vacirca: Yes, I think we covered the course pretty well

[19:23] Zelda Locataire: absolutely.....