Thursday 7pm Chatlog 20061116

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[16:04]  USA Brody: hi yvette
[16:04]  USA Brody: hi frappe
[16:04]  Yvette Kumsung: hi
[16:04]  You: Hello
[16:04]  USA Brody: good to see everyone again
[16:04]  You: Yes it is
[16:05]  You: How are the two of you?
[16:05]  USA Brody: I am great as always
[16:05]  USA Brody: and yourself!
[16:05]  You: Good
[16:05]  Yvette Kumsung: I'm sorry about the funeral
[16:05]  USA Brody: I have been busy with midterms ... but they are over n ow
[16:06]  You: Thank you
[16:06]  USA Brody: OH. Sorry Yvette
[16:06]  USA Brody: Didn't mean to cut you off
[16:06]  You: and I am glad to hear they are over
[16:06]  You: Did I miss anything last week that was important?
[16:07]  You: not that all our session are not important
[16:07]  Yvette Kumsung: we had a very interesting session with rebecca
[16:07]  You: Nice
[16:08]  You: Did someone copy the chat
[16:08]  You: and of ocurse I would have to miss that
[16:08]  USA Brody: I forgot to copy the chat... sorry
[16:08]  Yvette Kumsung: I posted it on the wiki last week
[16:08]  You: that is okay
[16:08]  USA Brody: yay
[16:08]  You: oh is it still there?? hee hee
[16:09]  USA Brody: the moodle crash was pretty upsetting
[16:09]  You: yes
[16:09]  USA Brody: but the extension for assingments were great
[16:09]  You: I came home on Sundau looking to get in but no luck
[16:09]  You: yes it was
[16:09]  USA Brody: so. what are we doing here tonight?
[16:09]  You: did you watch the war videos
[16:10]  USA Brody: yes
[16:10]  USA Brody: unfortunately
[16:10]  You: I know
[16:10]  USA Brody: I don't want to ever watch them again
[16:10]  Yvette Kumsung: we have a main class today too, right?
[16:10]  You: but it is the truth...
[16:10]  You: Yes
[16:11]  You: so did you make any important decisions last thursday
[16:11]  USA Brody: doesn't mean I have to like it
[16:11]  You: I kow
[16:11]  You: did not say I did
[16:11]  USA Brody: yeah.
[16:11]  USA Brody: for real
[16:11]  USA Brody: the dead people really bothered me....
[16:11]  You: i agree
[16:11]  Yvette Kumsung: why don't you both take a look at the wiki? i sort of organized what we have to do
[16:11]  You: okay
[16:12]  Yvette Kumsung: we also have to choose how we have to present our thing
[16:13]  You: Tried to get on the wiki last night but it would not come up
[16:13]  USA Brody: yeah. I read the wiki.
[16:14]  Yvette Kumsung: oh dear
[16:14]  USA Brody: Very nicely done yvette
[16:14]  USA Brody: the moodle wiki?
[16:15]  You: still getting a error
[16:15]  You: for the wiki
[16:15]  USA Brody:
[16:15]  USA Brody: click on the wiki page
[16:16]  Yvette Kumsung: hi
[16:16]  USA Brody: hi becca
[16:16]  USA Brody: sorry about that
[16:16]  Rebecca Berkman: hello.
[16:16]  Rebecca Berkman: no problem.
[16:16]  Rebecca Berkman: but a mystery solved!
[16:17]  Yvette Kumsung: it was you?
[16:17]  USA Brody: it was an accident
[16:17]  USA Brody: I watched a video of you becca
[16:17]  Rebecca Berkman: other than a class lecture?
[16:17]  USA Brody: yes
[16:17]  USA Brody: it was on youtube
[16:17]  Rebecca Berkman: btw, don't mean to interrupt your group meeting.
[16:17]  You: Hello Becca
[16:17]  Rebecca Berkman: Hello.
[16:18]  Rebecca Berkman: I just came so I could be available if you wanted to talk to me.
[16:18]  USA Brody: oh
[16:18]  USA Brody: greast
[16:18]  USA Brody: great
[16:18]  Rebecca Berkman: was it the one my dad made in his office about our class?
[16:18]  USA Brody: I don't know
[16:18]  USA Brody: you were holding the microphone
[16:18]  Rebecca Berkman: just me talking?
[16:18]  Rebecca Berkman: yeah, that is it.
[16:19]  USA Brody: So, I have a question for you Becca
[16:19]  Rebecca Berkman: yvette, you are looking particularly colorful this evening!
[16:19]  Rebecca Berkman: OK, shoot.
[16:19]  Yvette Kumsung: thanks
[16:19]  USA Brody: very nice Yvette
[16:19]  USA Brody: If you have a big idea. Where do you start?
[16:19]  Rebecca Berkman: that's a big question...
[16:19]  USA Brody: I have a huge idea. But I think I can pull it off.
[16:19]  Rebecca Berkman: i think it depends on the idea.
[16:19]  Pere Utu is Online
[16:19]  Rebecca Berkman: How is your project going?
[16:20]  USA Brody: we are working on that right now actually.
[16:20]  Rebecca Berkman: Are you all still planning an installation of audio recordings?
[16:20]  USA Brody: well waiting for everyone to get here first I suppose
[16:20]  Rebecca Berkman: oh.
[16:20]  Yvette Kumsung: hm
[16:20]  Rebecca Berkman: Hello Orpament
[16:20]  Yvette Kumsung: but I don't think we can afford to keep waiting
[16:21]  You: Nice outfit Yvette
[16:21]  Rebecca Berkman: weird, Pere is not online when i search for him.
[16:22]  Rebecca Berkman: What brings you to Berkman Island Orpament?
[16:22]  Yvette Kumsung: strange. i just got an IM that said rebecca went offline
[16:22]  Rebecca Berkman: USA, do you want to tell us about your idea?
[16:22]  USA Brody: I just sent him a teleport to join us... he is here!
[16:22]  You: I just offered him a tele
[16:22]  Pere Utu: hello!
[16:22]  Yvette Kumsung: hi
[16:22]  Rebecca Berkman: weird.
[16:22]  Orpament Octagon: I was just checking it out because I was in a conference the other day that demoed it
[16:22]  Rebecca Berkman: can you still see me?
[16:22]  Rebecca Berkman: Oh, welcome.
[16:22]  Yvette Kumsung: yes!
[16:22]  USA Brody: It does not relate to SL....
[16:22]  Rebecca Berkman: Does it look the same in here.
[16:22]  Pere Utu: nice snoopy
[16:22]  USA Brody: thanks
[16:22]  Rebecca Berkman: Thats's ok USA, but perhaps we should wait until after your group meeting.
[16:23]  Rebecca Berkman: Now that 4 of you are here.
[16:23]  Rebecca Berkman: Orpament, you might want to experiment with your camera controls.
[16:23]  USA Brody: yes. I agree. I only brought it up because we were waiting on everyone
[16:23]  Rebecca Berkman: Try option-click to pick a point to focus on.
[16:23]  Yvette Kumsung: pere, did you get to look at last week's chat yet?
[16:23]  Rebecca Berkman: And then hold down option and use your mouse to pan.
[16:23]  Orpament Octagon: okay but I'm not sure what you mean...
[16:23]  Pere Utu: yes
[16:23]  Yvette Kumsung: great!
[16:23]  USA Brody: thanks utu
[16:23]  Pere Utu: bringing it up as a refresher
[16:23]  Orpament Octagon: I'm just observing if it's okay
[16:24]  Rebecca Berkman: that's fine--you're welcome to stay.
[16:24]  Pere Utu: is snoopy a poodle on moodle?
[16:24]  USA Brody: excellent question.
[16:24]  USA Brody: I am not sure though
[16:25]  You: Hey Pere where are you?
[16:25]  You: I can not see you
[16:25]  USA Brody: Yvette is the mastermind behind this outfit
[16:25]  Pere Utu: am right in front of u
[16:25]  Yvette Kumsung: I thought maybe we should address the blanks that we have in the outline I made
[16:25]  You: Okay
[16:25]  USA Brody: okay
[16:25]  You: Good outline
[16:25]  Rebecca Berkman: do you guys mind if I hang around?
[16:25]  Yvette Kumsung: based on the conversation we had with rebecca last week
[16:26]  Rebecca Berkman: or would you rather meet privately?
[16:26]  You: No
[16:26]  USA Brody: please stay.
[16:26]  You: I think it would be good
[16:26]  USA Brody: I like the hypothesis very much
[16:26]  Pere Utu:
[16:26]  USA Brody: the problems are laid out very nice
[16:26]  Yvette Kumsung: I hope I got Pere and Frappe's ideas in there, but please edit it
[16:27]  USA Brody: the multiple solutions and ideas are great too...
[16:27]  Yvette Kumsung: right but we can't go too macro
[16:28]  USA Brody: can we not create technical awarenes and social awareness?
[16:28]  USA Brody: I think we can.
[16:29]  Pere Utu: trying to find gene's post on how to move forward
[16:29]  USA Brody: we can create resident awareness by going out to places and talkng about it
[16:29]  USA Brody: we can talk to the people we interviewed
[16:29]  USA Brody: Moo money
[16:29]  You: Yvette what did yo mean by the Solution/Action?
[16:29]  USA Brody: probably has quite the social network
[16:29]  USA Brody: we could create a wiki about the problem
[16:29]  USA Brody: and present the problems to linden
[16:30]  Yvette Kumsung: about the action we should take to solve the problem at hand
[16:30]  USA Brody: we have a lot of options
[16:30]  You: okay
[16:30]  Yvette Kumsung: or action we could take
[16:30]  USA Brody: well. we need to raise awareness
[16:30]  You: Do yo think we should do a show and tell of Voice in SL
[16:30]  Pere Utu: can we narrow down the identified problems?
[16:30]  You: as part of the project?
[16:30]  Yvette Kumsung: I understand that taking the action is part of the assignment
[16:30]  USA Brody: who should be given the right and why?
[16:31]  Yvette Kumsung: (given the latest update in the assignment)
[16:31]  USA Brody: if we can answer the that question we will be on the right track for sure
[16:31]  Pere Utu: are you saying voice should be for an elite?
[16:31]  You: do you think it is the owner of the space
[16:31]  You: in SL
[16:32]  Yvette Kumsung: Frankly, I think this is a sensitive subject that people will have very differing opinions ons
[16:32]  You: Why should it only be for the Elite?
[16:32]  Yvette Kumsung: and I don't think we could reach one conclusion so I don't know if there is a point in having ourselves
[16:32]  You: that defeats the purpose of it being available
[16:32]  Yvette Kumsung: decide who gets the right for what
[16:33]  Rebecca Berkman: the action you take need not be all that big.
[16:33]  Yvette Kumsung: If we get started arguing on that, there will be no end
[16:33]  You: In the end is in not up to the end user
[16:33]  Rebecca Berkman: we want you to do something that expresses your issue/idea to people.
[16:34]  You: right
[16:34]  Pere Utu: the voice house?
[16:34]  Pere Utu: voxbox?
[16:34]  You: funny
[16:34]  Yvette Kumsung: Did you visit the place built by the James Cook?
[16:35]  Pere Utu: the schizophrenic place?
[16:35]  Yvette Kumsung: the place the gives you the experience for people with schizophrenia?
[16:35]  Yvette Kumsung: yeah
[16:35]  Pere Utu: yeah, v affecting
[16:35]  Pere Utu: can we do that lite?
[16:35]  Rebecca Berkman: i didn't like it very much.
[16:35]  Yvette Kumsung: It only has three or four rooms, but it is interactive and makes its point
[16:36]  Yvette Kumsung: (not that I liked the content)
[16:36]  Rebecca Berkman: true.
[16:36]  You: Why did you like it Rebecca
[16:36]  Rebecca Berkman: i think it would be more effective for your project than for theirs.
[16:36]  Pere Utu: becca, the experience or the content?
[16:36]  Rebecca Berkman: i didn't like it because, for me, hearing voices in SL would be best simulated by putting text in the chat.
[16:36]  You: that was not like it
[16:36]  Yvette Kumsung: Personally, I thought it was very offending for people with mental disease
[16:36]  Rebecca Berkman: i can easily differentiate the audio voices from the text voices in that set up.
[16:37]  You: makes sense
[16:37]  Rebecca Berkman: i think it would be more accurately disorienting if it happened during chats like this.
[16:37]  Rebecca Berkman: but i think it would be very interesting to try to do a voice installation of some sort for your project.
[16:38]  Pere Utu: cannibalise the podcasts?
[16:38]  You: Yes
[16:38]  You: that is what I was just thinking
[16:38]  Pere Utu: lagggg
[16:38]  Yvette Kumsung: we could have like...30 people talking at the same time
[16:38]  You: you beat me to the punch
[16:38]  Rebecca Berkman: or if there could be some way to give some people voice and some people no voice to see what that is like.
[16:38]  Rebecca Berkman: that would be really interesting.
[16:39]  Pere Utu: can we have an entire room just for yvettes japanese impression
[16:39]  Pere Utu: coz that was v effective
[16:39]  USA Brody: Japanese impression?
[16:39]  Yvette Kumsung: oh that weird accent thingy
[16:39]  USA Brody: oh. the pod cast
[16:39]  USA Brody: I see....
[16:39]  Yvette Kumsung: I can do an indian one too hehe
[16:39]  USA Brody: lol
[16:40]  USA Brody: I was lost for a moment
[16:40]  USA Brody: I missed one line of text or two
[16:40]  Pere Utu: makes point that voice if not done correctly doesn't add any value
[16:40]  Pere Utu: frappe can there be live mike areas?
[16:41]  You: yes
[16:41]  Pere Utu: maybe if we just leave a mike open in one room
[16:41]  You: up to 48 people can be on one mic in a room
[16:41]  Pere Utu: do they need extra software?
[16:41]  You: yes
[16:41]  You: that is the bad part
[16:41]  You: they do
[16:41]  Pere Utu: can we mic your lunchroom ?
[16:42]  You: mine
[16:42]  Pere Utu: v hard to make the mic spontaneous
[16:42]  Yvette Kumsung: Maybe we can make a short machinima in the "lobby" as an intro and than people can walk through two or three rooms
[16:42]  USA Brody shouts: And so I wake in the morning and I step outside - and I take a deep breath and get real high - and I say, what's going on! Four non blonds silly...
[16:42]  Yvette Kumsung: because we wil have to xplain what we're doing
[16:43]  You: yes
[16:43]  You: but does that really give the same effect that we are talking about
[16:43]  Rebecca Berkman: perhaps you could go a bit simpler with the idea.
[16:43]  Rebecca Berkman: you guys have thought hard about the points of view of various different people on this.
[16:44]  Yvette Kumsung: I think it would- sort of like a movie trailer with compiled still shots
[16:44]  Rebecca Berkman: i think it would be really cool to have statements in people's voices about their thoughts about adding voice.
[16:44]  You: ah
[16:44]  Rebecca Berkman: perhaps someone with an accent.
[16:44]  USA Brody: wow
[16:44]  Pere Utu: nice
[16:44]  Rebecca Berkman: perhaps someone who stutters.
[16:44]  You: yes
[16:44]  USA Brody: that sounds cool
[16:44]  Rebecca Berkman: perhaps someone who thinks it would make discussions much easier.
[16:44]  Pere Utu: dyslexic?
[16:44]  You: or say some one how has to sepak for another that does not have a voice
[16:44]  Rebecca Berkman: perhaps a synthesized voice that hides identity.
[16:45]  Rebecca Berkman: yes, whatever you think are the most important points of view.
[16:45]  Rebecca Berkman: perhaps for those who prefer text, you could make objects that enter their thoughts into the chat so that we could experience
[16:45]  Rebecca Berkman: whether they get heard as much the voices that are audio.
[16:45]  Pere Utu: sorta liek a radio show with a chatroom?
[16:46]  You: yes
[16:46]  Pere Utu: confront the nature of participation
[16:46]  Yvette Kumsung: remember we were also talking about Chet Baker 2.0
[16:46]  Pere Utu: heh
[16:46]  Rebecca Berkman: what's that?
[16:46]  Pere Utu: voice fonts
[16:46]  Yvette Kumsung: about how in the future, we may be selling voices
[16:46]  Pere Utu: people hijacking someone elses voice
[16:47]  Yvette Kumsung: voice prototypes
[16:47]  You: what fun we could have
[16:47]  Pere Utu: IP and criminal implications
[16:47]  Pere Utu: "The Dead speak"
[16:47]  Rebecca Berkman: it would be cool if you walked into the room and different voices started speaking at different times and different text voices started typing at different times.
[16:47]  Rebecca Berkman: so sometimes they would conflict with each other.
[16:47]  Rebecca Berkman: i wonder how hard that is to do in here...
[16:48]  Rebecca Berkman: i think it may be hard to play multiple audio streams at once.
[16:48]  Rebecca Berkman: it might have to be pre-recorded.
[16:48]  Pere Utu: yep
[16:48]  Yvette Kumsung: I think we have to pre-edit it
[16:48]  You: It could be one stream
[16:48]  Yvette Kumsung: right
[16:48]  You: just like recording the Ipod
[16:48]  You: pod cast
[16:48]  Pere Utu: demo stream will lose spontaneity
[16:49]  Pere Utu: is Cooks stuff "live"?
[16:49]  Yvette Kumsung: no
[16:49]  Yvette Kumsung: it is customized to each person
[16:49]  Yvette Kumsung: it starts when you start
[16:49]  Pere Utu: so every1 hears the same stream?
[16:49]  Pere Utu: pre-recorded?
[16:50]  Yvette Kumsung: right
[16:50]  Pere Utu: answers that question
[16:50]  Pere Utu: i like becca idea of not only concentraing on voice
[16:50]  Yvette Kumsung: you have a choice of man or woman I think
[16:50]  Pere Utu: throw text into the mix
[16:50]  Rebecca Berkman: that will be a more manageable amount of work, i think.
[16:50]  Rebecca Berkman: to just make one big audio recording.
[16:50]  Yvette Kumsung: yes we must add the clicking sound that typing makes
[16:50]  Rebecca Berkman: and some objects that spit out some text.
[16:51]  USA Brody: yeah. that is true.
[16:51]  Yvette Kumsung: it will be easy to compile all the audio into one track
[16:51]  You: yes it would
[16:51]  Rebecca Berkman: you could even each do or get one of the voices and then compile them together.
[16:51]  You: and we can also do... excatly
[16:51]  Yvette Kumsung: kkkk
[16:51]  Rebecca Berkman: i can help you make objects that you can give a script to so that they will add stuff to the chat.
[16:51]  Pere Utu: so is voice stream, one guided tour of the "voxbox" or one stream per room?
[16:51]  You: this we we can each take a piece
[16:52]  Pere Utu: one concept per stream?
[16:52]  You: yes
[16:52]  Yvette Kumsung: guided tour will be more complicated, isn't it?
[16:52]  Pere Utu: yep
[16:52]  Yvette Kumsung: maybe one stream per room
[16:52]  You: that way when we blend it we can mix them together, some may get cut off
[16:52]  You: ect
[16:52]  Rebecca Berkman: i think it would be nice if it all happened in one room so that you could have the effect of voices talking over each other.
[16:53]  Rebecca Berkman: since voices talking over each other is one of the things that might not be so good about adding voice.
[16:53]  You: I agree with that
[16:53]  You: ad having yping happening
[16:53]  You: at the same time
[16:53]  Pere Utu: ooh, thats nice
[16:53]  You: it will bring in all the pieces
[16:53]  You: of course
[16:53]  Pere Utu: text and voice interference
[16:54]  Pere Utu: all meet in a big salad bowl
[16:54]  You: yes
[16:54]  Yvette Kumsung: I guess we can begin building on my lot
[16:54]  Rebecca Berkman: or you can do it here.
[16:54]  Rebecca Berkman: i might have to figure out how to give you permission to do it.
[16:54]  Rebecca Berkman: but i think Ansible can give you a parcel where you guys can have privileges.
[16:55]  Rebecca Berkman: It seems like most of the work will be creating the audio track in any case.
[16:55]  You: that would be great.. if everyone agrees
[16:55]  You: that way we will nt have to teleport anyone
[16:55]  Pere Utu: start with podcasts?
[16:55]  You: yes
[16:55]  You: I think that is best
[16:56]  You: because we can change any we do not like
[16:56]  Yvette Kumsung: I think we should also try to get voices of people with speaking handicaps too
[16:56]  You: I agree
[16:56]  Yvette Kumsung: split up, I mean, and figure out who talks to whom
[16:56]  Pere Utu: could synthesise speaking handicaps?
[16:56]  Pere Utu: ooh sry, h*cap is a bad word
[16:56]  Pere Utu: disabilities
[16:56]  Yvette Kumsung: disabilities
[16:56]  Yvette Kumsung: sorry
[16:57]  Rebecca Berkman: definitely try to be sensitive.
[16:57]  Rebecca Berkman: when you ask people to do this for you.
[16:57]  You: of course
[16:57]  Rebecca Berkman: i suppose a speaker with a speaking disability would be one of the typed voices anyway because they would probably prefer typing.
[16:57]  Yvette Kumsung: It would be nice if they would speak though
[16:58]  Pere Utu: okay, so another task is we need to advertise for people with speaking disabilites
[16:58]  Yvette Kumsung: if we could get a comment in real person
[16:58]  Rebecca Berkman: a person with a speech problem is much less likely to be willing to record their voice for you, i think.
[16:58]  You: true
[16:58]  Rebecca Berkman: you'd want to be really sensitive in asking people.
[16:59]  You: What about someone like the cunninghams....
[16:59]  You: I could try and contact them
[16:59]  You: for the typing a part
[16:59]  Pere Utu: or a national support group?
[16:59]  You: or voice
[16:59]  You: to see if they would use voice
[17:00]  Pere Utu: isn't there some in cyber1 who repeats sentences?
[17:00]  Yvette Kumsung: eeerrrrr
[17:00]  You: not sure
[17:00]  Pere Utu: text "disability"
[17:00]  Pere Utu: yeah there is, they type one sentence and it comes out 10 times
[17:01]  You: that is not them
[17:01]  You: that is a computer clich
[17:01]  You: but that could work for speak
[17:01]  Yvette Kumsung: I think you're talking about one guy that purposely tries to disrupt the class
[17:01]  You: oh
[17:01]  Pere Utu: i don't think its intentional
[17:01]  Yvette Kumsung: oh
[17:02]  Pere Utu: i figured it was a disabled person
[17:02]  You: maybe
[17:02]  Rebecca Berkman: i think she uses wireless internet that somehow does that.
[17:02]  You: or dragon
[17:02]  You: that will od that sometimes
[17:02]  Pere Utu: hmm
[17:03]  Rebecca Berkman: i think yvette is right.
[17:03]  Rebecca Berkman: it would be a good idea to figure out what perspectives you want to have represented.
[17:03]  Rebecca Berkman: and the figure out how best to do each one.
[17:04]  Rebecca Berkman: like ppl w/ accents, ppl who use SL in a library, ppl who don't know how to type, etc.
[17:04]  Pere Utu: disabilities might be a stretch
[17:04]  Pere Utu: lets focus on the practical problems
[17:05]  Pere Utu: dogs barking
[17:05]  Pere Utu: hum from the computer fan
[17:05]  Pere Utu: in library or lab
[17:05]  Yvette Kumsung: and burping!
[17:05]  Yvette Kumsung: (sorry)
[17:05]  Pere Utu: nature break? sound of toilets flushing
[17:05]  Pere Utu: phone ringing
[17:06]  Pere Utu: baby crying
[17:06]  Pere Utu: music playing
[17:06]  Pere Utu: car alarm
[17:06]  You: door bell
[17:06]  Yvette Kumsung: do you flush the toilet with the door open?
[17:06]  Rebecca Berkman: i think maybe all of those make up just one different perspective, really.
[17:06]  Pere Utu: 'zackly
[17:06]  Pere Utu: thats one perspective - reality intrusion
[17:07]  Yvette Kumsung: but if you do have voice on, you'll probably hear some of those sounds
[17:07]  Rebecca Berkman: it could be a funny one if someone records trying to talk and puts all those sounds in the background!
[17:07]  Yvette Kumsung: probably faintly though
[17:07]  Pere Utu: another perspective is clashing voices
[17:07]  You: ygood
[17:07]  Pere Utu: cross talk
[17:07]  You: how about
[17:07]  Pere Utu: another could be disabilities
[17:08]  Pere Utu: (or accents, foreign languages)
[17:08]  You: you are talking in SL and than holding a conversation at the same time with someon in RL
[17:08]  Yvette Kumsung: I do that a lot
[17:08]  Yvette Kumsung: multitasking
[17:08]  You: language bariers
[17:08]  Pere Utu: usually leads to multiple tsking from my wife
[17:09]  Pere Utu: "pay attention"
[17:09]  Yvette Kumsung: who still hates me for undressing in the sandbox?
[17:09]  You: huh
[17:09]  Pere Utu: lol
[17:10]  Yvette Kumsung: where should we post our audio files?
[17:10]  You: Moodle
[17:10]  USA Brody: should we nominate a group leader to take charge and delegate responsability?
[17:10]  Pere Utu: how does streaming work in SL?
[17:10]  Pere Utu: does it need a home?
[17:10]  Pere Utu: is it "in" SL?
[17:11]  Yvette Kumsung: I'm not sure
[17:11]  Pere Utu: can we upload it here?
[17:11]  Yvette Kumsung: I think you need an object and a script
[17:11]  Pere Utu: do we have a 9pm class?
[17:11]  Yvette Kumsung: We'll have to consult the SL building Wiki
[17:11]  Pere Utu: i need to go
[17:11]  Yvette Kumsung: yes we do
[17:11]  Rebecca Berkman: if you want to stream audio, upload it to the podcast blog.
[17:11]  Rebecca Berkman: then we can stream it from berkman island pretty easily.
[17:12]  You: good
[17:12]  Rebecca Berkman: 9pm event is optional.
[17:12]  Rebecca Berkman: i hope it will be fun.
[17:12]  Rebecca Berkman: but don't feel obliged to be here if you have other stuff to do.
[17:12]  Yvette Kumsung: is your husband in Boston?
[17:13]  Pere Utu: city of somerville are taking parking spots from in front of my house, was just at town meeting to discuss, need to go tell my wife we're screwed
[17:13]  You: oh no
[17:13]  Rebecca Berkman: do you mean my husband?
[17:13]  Rebecca Berkman: he's in hawaii!
[17:13]  USA Brody: why is he in hawaii?
[17:14]  Yvette Kumsung: you should all camp out in front of your houses as a sign of protest
[17:14]  Yvette Kumsung: it would at least get a front page picture in the local papers
[17:14]  Pere Utu: cross talk in action
[17:14]  Yvette Kumsung: oh lucky him!
[17:14]  Rebecca Berkman: He is at the annual meeting of the society for ethnomusicology.
[17:14]  USA Brody: working on some 85 degree and sunny project
[17:14]  Pere Utu: ho history in voice chat
[17:14]  Pere Utu: ho=no
[17:14]  You: no
[17:14]  Rebecca Berkman: camp out in the parking spaces!
[17:14]  Pere Utu: topic 4 is swearing and censorship
[17:14]  You: we coudl tape it
[17:14]  Pere Utu: no thks
[17:15]  Yvette Kumsung: tape it and post it on You Tube
[17:15]  You: yes
[17:15]  Yvette Kumsung: hehe
[17:15]  Pere Utu: much prefer to be in Hawaii
[17:15]  USA Brody: me too.
[17:15]  You: me too
[17:15]  Yvette Kumsung: or at least set up the tents in the parking space
[17:15]  Yvette Kumsung: (and post it on Youtube)
[17:15]  USA Brody: Harkness for the social tonight anyone?
[17:16]  USA Brody: Oh, I forgot you all live far away
[17:16]  USA Brody: soryy
[17:16]  USA Brody: sorry
[17:16]  Rebecca Berkman: i'll be here in SL all night.
[17:16]  Pere Utu: be back at 9 folks
[17:16]  Rebecca Berkman: see you then!
[17:16]  Yvette Kumsung: I took the day off to attend the session. I'm going to be here
[17:16]  You: okay
[17:16]  USA Brody: the game is Saturday
[17:16]  USA Brody: H-Y
[17:16]  Rebecca Berkman: i hope it is worth it!
[17:16]  Pere Utu: can someone u/l this chat to the wiki
[17:16]  Pere Utu: l8r
[17:16]  Pere Utu is Offline
[17:17]  USA Brody: well team.
[17:17]  Yvette Kumsung: what does u/l mean?
[17:17]  USA Brody: it is just us again.
[17:17]  USA Brody: upload
[17:17]  Yvette Kumsung: o
[17:17]  USA Brody: I think ...
[17:17]  You: I will put in the wiki
[17:17]  USA Brody: okay
[17:17]  You: tonight
[17:17]  USA Brody: so what is our concise plan of action
[17:18]  Rebecca Berkman: I'm going to check in with the 8pm group.
[17:18]  USA Brody: *crickets chirp*
[17:18]  Rebecca Berkman: good work!
[17:18]  USA Brody: bye becca
[17:18]  You: bye becca
[17:18]  Yvette Kumsung: "we will not tolerate voice[[User:|]]" (threatening tone)
[17:18]  Rebecca Berkman: ok Thursday's child ppl.
[17:18]  Yvette Kumsung: see you later
[17:18]  Dana3429 Bartlett: yes
[17:18]  Rebecca Berkman: there's only 2 of you, i guess.
[17:18]  Dana3429 Bartlett: yeah
[17:19]  Rebecca Berkman: do you think you'll meet anyway?
[17:19]  Anapeas Etoile: Hi Rebecca, seems like this is it for our group.
[17:19]  Anapeas Etoile: I think we have to try to make progress.
[17:19]  Dana3429 Bartlett: I need to get caught up a bit, but it seems like nothing significant happened last Thursday
[17:19]  You: Nice
[17:19]  USA Brody is Offline
[17:19]  Dana3429 Bartlett: we seem to be stuck in the mud so to speak
[17:19]  Rebecca Berkman: ok, well i thought i'd come tonight to check in with your group and offer help if i can be useful.
[17:20]  Anapeas Etoile: Steve was suppose to post the assignments to the wiki and send an email to the others. Not sure what happened with the wiki
[17:20]  USA Brody is Online
[17:20]  You: I like your dress
[17:20]  You: Yvette
[17:20]  USA Brody: sorry.
[17:20]  USA Brody: back
[17:20]  Yvette Kumsung: thought you disappeared into thin air
[17:20]  Yvette Kumsung: thanks Frappe
[17:20]  Rebecca Berkman: oh, that's too bad.
[17:20]  USA Brody: no. I don't roll like that
[17:20]  Rebecca Berkman: do you think he could send out the assignments by email?
[17:20]  Anapeas Etoile: My first question is do we need to reconstruct the project proposal
[17:20]  Rebecca Berkman: no, you do not need to reconstruct it.
[17:20]  USA Brody: okay. Y'all. Do we need to bounce.
[17:21]  Rebecca Berkman: that is our fault--or, at least our responsibility--that those got lost.
[17:21]  Anapeas Etoile: I thought he was going to send them by email, but haven't seen them yet.
[17:21]  Yvette Kumsung: how do you bounce?
[17:21]  Anapeas Etoile: At this point then, I guess we need to start devising our plan to inform others about our issue, right?
[17:21]  Rebecca Berkman: yes.
[17:22]  Rebecca Berkman: it seemed to me the last time i spoke with your group that you were headed in a very ambitious direction.
[17:22]  Rebecca Berkman: with a big campaign to get the word out.
[17:22]  Dana3429 Bartlett: Rebecca, how advanced is setting up an information kiosk in so far as scripting goes?
[17:22]  Anapeas Etoile: Our group discussed a kiosk but that is so out of my league that I am not comfortable with trying to get that done
[17:22]  Rebecca Berkman: i'm not sure you have to do something as big as that.
[17:23]  Yvette Kumsung: such a nice island
[17:23]  You: Yes
[17:23]  You: do you here the podcast
[17:23]  You: esmond
[17:23]  USA Brody is Offline
[17:23]  Yvette Kumsung: yeah