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05 Oct 2006

Removed "Howto Podcast" section, because it's on another page now. --Crislc 21:48, 5 October 2006 (EDT)


Hey, what's going to happen to this course wiki when the course is over? -- --Patrick Engelman 17:35, 21 September 2006 (EDT)

I think it will continue to exist, unless we decide to delete everything for some reason. Richard Heppner

We should thinka bout how to organize the Main Page better. The "Where Can I Go?" section is getting kind of unwieldy, and I'm not sure we need to list all of the participants individually on the Main Page, either. Shouldn't there be a separate page?--Rheppner 09:54, 23 September 2006 (EDT)

Massive Main Page Reorganization

I reorganized the main page today, and moved large chunks of information onto separate pages. If you don't like some part of the reorganization, I promise not to take it personally :-). I would appreciate if you could leave a comment here, just to explain the reason you made an adjustment.

You don't have to go as overboard on detail as I did. In fact, it's probably better if you don't (for readability's sake). But hey, it's a wiki -- if it's too long, I'll let someone else trim it. And if I don't like their changes, I'll just roll it back :-).

--Crislc 17:38, 1 October 2006 (EDT)

Overall Vision

  • I think that the wiki is not a self-contained site, but is just one of the pillars that support the CyberOne infrastructure (the others being the Official Course Site, Moodle, and Second Life).
    • While the Course Site does a great job explaining about the course in general, it's purpose isn't to tightly integrate with active coursework. It functions nicely as a introduction and gateway, teaching non-participants about CyberOne's aims and methods.
    • Moodle handles assignments very well, and is a passable medium for discussion, but is tricky to use as a knowledge repository. It's also helpful to avoid scope-creep, and keep Moodle focused on student-generated content (i.e. answers to assignments).
  • Therefore, the Wiki should be the course's knowledge repository.
    • It should be easy to add new content (like the latest lecture videos), add community content (like related events, or lecture notes), and pool knowledge resources to refine existing content (linking to a better version of an article, annotating a lecture with sections from the readings, etc.)
    • Far more importantly, it must be easy to access that content again later. Retrieval is the more important facet of a repository, so the wiki must be designed to make content findable.
      • A page should not be weighed down with so much content that you need a search engine for the table of contents.
      • Pieces that are related should link to each other, or be in proximity to each other. Each week's page may contain useful content, but it's the Index that makes the pages useful as a group.


This changelog is partial, since I don't remember every last thing I did. If you want to go through the entire history of my changes and post a better changelog, please be my guest ;-).

  • Re-organized participants
    • moved all lists of individuals onto separate pages
      • I know there are more interesting ways to do this (such as linking to a Category filter), but this was a simple cut-n-paste job.
      • Those lists were huge, and they got in the way of reaching content further down the page. Also, there was no particular need to have them on the "Homepage" of the wiki.
    • Added links for groups of participants (i.e. Extension School Project Groups)
      • It seems like a good place to put them for now, although as the groups mature, we may need to change/supplement this simple method of organization.
  • Created Announcements Section
    • There's now one space for public appeals, and it's at the top of the page. This should keep them from being buried in other areas.
  • Wikipedia-style "Related Links" (instead of "Online Resources")
    • That one kind of explains itself. I like the way Wikipedia does it :-)
    • On top of that, I think that "Where can I go?" should apply to the entire course, not just the wiki site. More on that further down in this post.
  • Created a "Past Events" page, linked out of "Related Events"
    • Two-fold problem with "Related Events":
      1. it's at the bottom of the page, but could be the most relevant, and
      2. old ones may have useful links, but still clutter up the Main page
    • I moved all the old events to a "Past Events" page, so that they're accessible, but not in the way.
    • I'd like to create a new section for upcoming events (and probably ought to add the date and time in the title). That way you can see them (and jump straight to them) from the Contents box, and they stand out better.
  • Massive Re-organization of "Where Can I Go?"
    • I broke this into several sections, based on criteria that made sense to me. It's probably not an ideal set, but it's at least a step forward.
    • My personal feeling is that the question of "Where Can I Go?" shouldn't be restricted to the wiki site. The wiki is only one site, of at least three that are critical to understanding the scope, content, and workflow of CyberOne. This section should reflect that.
      • Projects / Project Groups: for everything about the projects. I didn't go into much depth on the linked pages, I just copied and pasted what seemed relevant from other sections on the Main page. This is a strong candidate for further examination.
      • Key Wiki Links: exactly what it says. Key areas on this wiki site.
      • Other Areas: other parts of the wiki that don't seem very important. I actually still think this isn't well-organized, but I don't want to be accused of attacking anyone's artistic expression :-). This might make more sense at the bottom (near "Related Links") of the page, in the future.
      • External Links: Most of these items used to be in "Online Resources". Since I use them a lot to navigate among the course's many sites, I put them in the main navigational area. Once again, I'm sure a more thoughtful analysis could reorganize this entire section more intuitively.
  • Added "How to Participate"
    • It seemed like a few paragraphs addressed this question, but they weren't all in one place. While HLS and HES students have easy and obvious answers, someone dropping in as an at-large participant (or general net-surfer) might be a little puzzled.
    • In the future, this needs some serious expansion. Linking to the main course website would be a good start, especially for the "About CyberOne" bit.