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Webster has a long list of definitions for the word “real”, but in regards to Second Life and all it encompasses, “GENUINE: not artificial, fraudulent, or illusory” seems to come closest to the question posed.

Is Second Life illusory? Certainly. But it is a frank and open illusion; there is no inherent fraud. We know upon entering that this is not a simple copy of our First Life – and in that respect it is “genuine” unto itself. The intrinsic illusions are real within the context of Second Life. We know we can’t fly in our everyday world, but there, it is part of the natural law. We know that the people we meet are likely not the same in their other lives – especially if they are eight feet tall and have wings. It simply doesn’t matter. We accept the façade as part of the reality.

We react to appearance in some ways certainly, but taking instruction from a mouse doesn’t seem odd in Second Life. We could be on a date with someone who in our normal world is 18 or 80, man or woman. And if it appears we have spent the evening with a 30 year old gorgeous blonde (brunette or redhead) and “in reality” it was a 75 year old grandmother of seventeen, does it really matter if we enjoyed ourselves? Laughed? Discovered more of who we really are? Made a friend?

If we can learn to work together – man, woman, seraphim, and assorted species, does it really matter what shapes, colors and ages we are? If our feelings are real, isn’t that reality enough?