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Hello Alison,

Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate! I am the person who prepared a video for the class and put it on YouTube. I thought it might be used in class, and I am thrilled that it was!

I think your topic is good. Design is always an issue, and can be either a plus or a minus. The pedestrian crosswalks on my campus (University of South Florida in Tampa) are not well designed. But I think the design has to be addressed at a much larger scale, and once the buildings and roads are in place, it is unlikely that that base pattern will ever change. From my perspective, the problem we also have here are the darn golf carts! They race them across campus on the sidewalks! To me, it is really annoying and dangerous. I give the physical plant employees and students driving them pained looks, but it does not help. Basically, it is kind of an unspoken, "If you don't like my driving, stay off the sidewalk!"

I am not sure what to say about the form or order of your project. Does it have to be something you actually implement? I teach information systems, so I always think about technical solutions to what are essentially social problems. It sounds like geographic information systems may be involved. We have Sunpass here in Florida. Drivers put this little device on their windshield and don't have to stop at toll booths if they have money in some special account. I think it is based on RFID technology. The problem with some kind of point system is that some people might decide to try to run up points for bad behavior. It is easier to give points for bad behavior than for good behavior. It is so easy to use technology to encourage people to be violent and not obvious how to use technology to be nice and to respect others.

Forgive me if I seem too familiar. I hesitate to use my last name on a wiki.

Best, Bruce