Suggestions for Improving Meetings in Second Life

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Suggestions for Improving Meetings in Second Life

Very small changes in how people interact in Second Life can make an enormous difference to what happens in a meeting.

1. Understand that as a newbie, it will take time for you to adjust to the pace and organization of conversation in Second Life. You may find conversations hard to follow at first, especially where there ar a lot of people talking at the same time. Be patient with yourself.

2. Even if you find that a conversation has moved on, post your comments anyways. You will find that the conversation is like a school of fish that is easily spooked. Conversations can easily move away and be brought back to topics with just a few words.

3. Listen (read) first, Talk (type) second. In an empathic meeting, you should begin by trying to understand the views of others. And then talk in a way that helps you find out more. Offer your own point of view only if others actually ask for it and want to hear it.

4. If you don't understand what someone is saying, ask for clarification. Engage the speaker and find out where the confusion is.

5. When you make comments, please keep them to the point. If you're someone with a lot to say, leave spaces for others to talk.

6. Second Life meetings seem to be most useful and manageable, when they're conducted in smaller groups (less than 10). Even in small group settings, the chat streams can be hard to follow.

7. If you must conduct a large group meeting in Second life, it is helpful to set some ground rules at the beginning of the meeting (such as agreeing to refrain from off-topic chat within the meeting).

8. If you make a statement disagreeing with something that was previously said, start by restating the position you're about to disagree with in the most convincing way you can (empathetic argument).

9. If you have a change of mind, either as a result of thinking something through empathetically, or because of something someone else says, make a mental note of how/why you changed, and, if you can, comment on it.

10. Second Life meetings can be difficult to work with in the context of strict time restrictions. If you have a time restriction that is very short, where you must accomplish a task as a group, create an agenda, agree on the agenda and limiting cross-chat before the discussion starts. if you are the moderator, manage any cross-chat that takes place.

11. Note that IM for private conversations or cross-chat --like whispering during a speech or concert, can be distracting to those around you.

12. Be respectful. Make Second Life a safe place for others to express their opinions.