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This project won't happen, unless you make it so -- start tonight -- make more wiki pages, put your name on the roster, and get things rolling!

A Distributed Music Video, Done in Machinima

The idea is to have participants work together to create a music video, using machinima, shot in SL. It could be a cool example of how an independent band, with relatively few resources, can create an interesting, engaging and impressive video. Furthermore, it'll be an interesting (insane?) experiment in distributed processes.

Where Does It Go?

The final video, if completed, can be shown on Telemusicvision, an independent music video channel (a pet project of Dean's). Also, it can be pushed out over all the video sharing services, music and/or SL related blogs we can get, along with any other web-space people can think of.

The Band and Song

We have an interesting connection to the real-world band, Soulvasq, one of the founding members, Dave Solar (known as SamBivalent Spork in SL), helped construct [ Berkman Island]. Soulvasq was nice enough to record a short 2 minute video, introducing themselves, along with the song Call it Something Else....

Meet Soulvasq (the video)

Call it Something Else (the song)

The song Call It Something Else is up on, and has just made it to Round 2!
soulvasq on GarageBand


What I find, Is that I can’t trust what I see
In my eyes, A program already received
In my science, A verbal dat-dat-dat-dat
And in the world, Symbiotic contradictions

I am inclined, To believe the sky is blue
And I’d like to say it’s true
But I can’t find, My own new dat-dat-dat-dat
What, you say? What is your dat-dat-dat-da…

What is real-Kind of makes you wonder
What our eyes-Aren’t able to consider
Light and dark-Universal metaphor
For a bipolar world

From the tower—See more
From the ground floor—No more
Looking closer—See more
Looking farther—Dream more

But dat dat dat dat da dat dat Daat daa dat dat da dow da Doot doodoot doot doot doot doot Doot doot doot doot dn doodoot doot doo Dn doot doot doodoot doot doot daa dow doodle uudoot doot doot dow da dow Skiddlybidip - hmmm - Skiddlybidip ba doo doot doot doo

What you find out here is what you’ll seek
What you seek out here is what you’ll find
What you need out here is a new da-dat da da
What you seek out here is what you’ll find

The Meaning of the song...
The lyrics to the song are sort of an introspective walk from questioning reality into wondering
why we come up with those sort of questions anyway. It's about how adding words to your vocabulary
makes you see new things in the world, and how every new thing you learn is seen repeatedly
afterward almost as if it were an affirmation.
And it's about how changing our language changes our feelings.
But you won't see any of that in the words... It's just a verbal dat dat dat da.

Must it be Soulvasq?

We already have a connection and a willing band, but if people aren't interested in working with this particular band/song, they are free to create an alternative (or further collaborative) project. We have discussed finding a second band, creating two teams, and having a music-video battle... however, that would take a number of interested parties, and another band who is down for a potentially wild ride.

Four Easy Steps!

1.) Video Concept

Soulvasq has a few concepts, but they should be considered guidelines, not requirements. We are free to dream up any concept or story we like -- as long as it isn't "offensive", Soulvasq has agreed to be highly flexible.

2.) Set and Props

Once we know what we're doing, we'll need to build and/or find all the set/props/characters. This should be fun, and we can find as many interested participants as possible (i.e. if we need a sphinx, we find a fanatic SL builder who is into our project!).

3.) Shooting Machinima

We don't have anything hard and fast, but we'd like to find someone to give machinima lessons to all interested parties. Then we actually shoot the video -- multiple people can be shooting video, to give a variety of shots, angles, and fail-safes.

4.) Editing Final Product

Because of time constraints, we'll probably need to rely on a single person to do the final editing. We (Dean and Rodica/Ansible) can act as the last resort editors, but we prefer to find an interested 3rd party to take this on (student or at-large). The editor will need to: a) come forth with a proven track record in editing video, b) be willing to commit to the project, and c) be agreed upon by the participants invested in this project.


Video Concept: Put your name down and then help hash out an idea!

Set and Props: Put your name here if you're willing to actively work on getting all the necessary props and stuff in place. This can include PR for finding good builders/scripters.

  • Person - (interest or position)

Shooting Machinima: Put your name here if you want to learn to capture machinima. You'll need a relatively powerful computer, and some free disk space.

  • Person - (interest or position)

The Editor: If you want to be considered as an editor, put your name here. When we get past the planning stages, an editor will be decided upon by the participants of this project. Please have experience and make sure you have time to take this on!

  • Person - email address - portfolio or piece
  • Dean & Rodica - Dean killspam@-killspam - God Bless America

Note: This project is not going to just happen... I (Dean) will support it, but cannot make it my own. Everyone who interested in the project should consider themselves a leader.