Sai Rao's Scratch Journal

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I really enjoyed playing around with Scratch and was pretty impressed with some of the stuff it could do. At the same time, I found myself wishing that I was using C or another more basic language because of the freedom and tools available. A lot of that stuff, like functions and data structures, probably aren't necessary for the easy-to-use, sprite-based programming of Scratch. In this case, the basic structure of Scratch defines what you can do. For example, at least for me, it seems very difficult to have the program do something independent of a sprite.

I found it funny that a lot of people went back, myself included, and tried to recreate games from the Atari days or intentionally or unintentionally made very similar ones. I guess shows that no one really owns an idea, and if you give someone the tools to bring those ideas to life, they'll do it.

Overall, I thought it was a very fun exercise that reinforced my views that games can be a valuable form of personal expression, especially they can be copied, shared, or sold on the internet.