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Here is a transcript of the meeting from tonight (Jan 16th). [recorded from Hearo Nakamura's History].

[16:53] Nate Grigges: is there going to be someone from Linden Labs at the virtual trial watching?

[16:53] Rebecca Berkman: Hi Parmesan and Yuu and LX.

[16:53] Rebecca Berkman: Nate, i'm not sure about that. I know that they know about it.

[16:53] Sdrum Alcott: hi

[16:53] You: hi

[16:53] Rebecca Berkman: We will have someone role-playing Phil Linden/Rosedale so that he can be questioned as part of the trial.

[16:53] Rebecca Berkman: Hi Hearo.

[16:54] Cordelia Moy: Hi, hearo.

[16:54] You: hello

[16:54] Parmesan Eggplant: hi all

[16:54] Rebecca Berkman: Anyone who wants to be part of the jury pool, please sit on the side with everyone else.

[16:54] Nate Grigges: hello Parmesan

[16:54] Rebecca Berkman: Those who don't want to be on the jury, please sit on the other side.

[16:54] Rebecca Berkman: Hi Yuki.

[16:54] Cordelia Moy: Hi, Parm

[16:54] Rebecca Berkman: Great av!

[16:54] yuki Carr: Hello

[16:54] yuki Carr: ty

[16:54] Nate Grigges: hey Yuki, I remember you being taller last I saw you

[16:54] yuki Carr: Me cursed

[16:54] Rebecca Berkman: Hey Eon!

[16:55] Eon Berkman: hello bec

[16:55] Parmesan Eggplant: sorry, am I sitting on the jury or nonjury side

[16:55] Rebecca Berkman: Parmesan, you are on the jury side.

[16:55] Jenn Susanti: i am just observing. where should i sit rebecca??

[16:55] Cordelia Moy: Hi, tetero! Come sit down!

[16:55] Rebecca Berkman: All potential jurors on the side with Cordelia, all non-jurors on the side with LX.

[16:55] Parmesan Eggplant: I didn't sign up but could do it if you need more jurors or alternates

[16:56] yuki Carr: brb

[16:56] Rebecca Berkman: That includes observers and law studnets.

[16:56] Tetero Lesse: thanks Cordelia

[16:56] Rebecca Berkman: Wow, this is exciting!

[16:56] Eon Berkman: bec, i need to reboot

[16:56] Rebecca Berkman: ok.

[16:56] Eon Berkman: be back in a moment

[16:57] Sycamore Rousselot: We had a little problem over in the courtroom bec.

[16:57] yuki Carr: back

[16:57] Rebecca Berkman: Yes, sycamore?

[16:57] Bo Scaife: I'm in the group that's "judging," am I good here?

[16:57] Sycamore Rousselot: It is not possible to hear people when they are at the counsel tables

[16:57] Sycamore Rousselot: the tables appear too far apart

[16:57] Rebecca Berkman: anyone who is not in teh jury pool should be on the side with LX.

[16:58] Sycamore Rousselot: OK

[16:58] Rebecca Berkman: Thanks for letting me know Sycamore -- there is supposed to be a system set up that makes it so that everyone can hear.

[16:58] Rebecca Berkman: All potential jurors please sit on the side with Cordelia.

[16:58] Rebecca Berkman: Everyone else on the side with LX>

[16:58] yuki Carr: what about the side of the Tinies?

[16:59] Rebecca Berkman: Tinies who want to be jurors should be on my right, tinies who do not want to be jurors on the side to my left.

[17:00] yuki Carr: Errr

[17:00] yuki Carr: Hard 2 pick

[17:00] yuki Carr: Can i be on both?

[17:00] Rebecca Berkman: btw, you do not have to have signed up ahead of time to be a juror -- you just have to be available from 5-6pm SLT tonight, tomorrow and thursday.

[17:00] Rebecca Berkman: we'll get started once Eon makes it back here.

[17:00] yuki Carr: Hey my squirrely corner

[17:01] yuki Carr: You big

[17:01] Fossil Watkin: yes i m

[17:02] yuki Carr: Furry head

[17:02] Rebecca Berkman: OK, welcome everyone!

[17:02] Fossil Watkin: everyone please gather in your seats

[17:02] Fossil Watkin: we'll be starting soon

[17:02] Vincent Devoix: Wow....So many people. o_O

[17:03] Chinadoll Lulu: over here T

[17:03] Chinadoll Lulu: hehe

[17:03] Teresa Cinquetti: ssshhh

[17:03] Chinadoll Lulu: professor

[17:03] Fossil Watkin: no fatties

[17:03] Rebecca Berkman: Anyone who wants to be a juror or who is willing to be a juror, please take a seat on the side that Cordelia Moy is sitting on.

[17:03] Rebecca Berkman: Anyone else, please take a seat on the side nearer to Austin Hall.

[17:03] Sycamore Rousselot: Hey

[17:03] yuki Carr: Can i be a pet

[17:03] You: Eon, I think we have both of the groups who are picking jurors hear now

[17:04] Rebecca Berkman: I think we're ready to begin.

[17:04] Fossil Watkin: no fatties

[17:04] Rebecca Berkman: This evenings we will be selecting a jury for the trial in the case Bragg v. Linden.

[17:04] Rebecca Berkman: Students in Professor Nesson's (eon's) Evidence class have been preparing to act as the lawyers in this trial.

[17:05] Rebecca Berkman: It will take place tomorrow night and the following night, here on Berkman Island.

[17:05] Rebecca Berkman: For jury selection tonight, two groups of law students have prepared questions to ask the jury pool during the process of selecting their

[17:05] Rebecca Berkman: jury.

[17:06] Rebecca Berkman: They will then have the option to eliminate some potential jurors who they think may be bad for their side.

[17:06] Rebecca Berkman: Then we will have our jury!

[17:06] Fossil Watkin: american idol is starting folks

[17:06] Rebecca Berkman: We are going for 9 jurors plus several alternates.

[17:06] yuki Carr: Arf

[17:06] Rebecca Berkman: Eon, would you like to say something about the process of jury selection?

[17:07] Rebecca Berkman: Law students, if you are capable of looking over someone's shoulder instead of having your own avatar here, it will speed up the lag for everyone!

[17:07] Teresa Cinquetti: ao off

[17:07] Eon Berkman: the objective is to get a fair jury, meaning a group which will consider the evidence and the instructions and reach fair verdict

[17:08] Fossil Watkin: is this a capital case?

[17:08] Hojo Chaplin: no

[17:08] Rebecca Berkman: OK, what will happen now is that the first group of law students will ask their questions and hear answers from the jury pool.

[17:08] Rebecca Berkman: The questions are structured so that you do not have to answer each question.

[17:08] Fossil Watkin: send them to the gallows! make sure noose isn't too tight

[17:09] Eon Berkman: this is a civil case in which the questions will involve the fairness of dealings beteen the plaintiff, Bragg, and the defendant, Linden Labs, over land transactions.

[17:09] Rebecca Berkman: Fossil, would you mind keeping quiet -- it is challenging to keep so many people organized!

[17:09] Teresa Cinquetti: anyone who wants to mute Fossil its a function of the history chat window

[17:09] Fossil Watkin: buzz of teresa

[17:09] Eon Berkman: we would like to proceed by having the designated law students pose questions to the potential jurors

[17:09] Fossil Watkin: i have rights too

[17:10] Chinadoll Lulu: Fossil, sorry to be mean, but would you please STFU

[17:10] Rebecca Berkman: Can a representative from the first group of law students come forward to ask teh questions?

[17:10] Eon Berkman: which are the avatars who will be addressing questions to the jurors

[17:10] Section5Plus1 Harvey: which group is first?

[17:11] Section5Plus1 Harvey: we are representing Linden Labs

[17:11] Rebecca Berkman: How about Section5Plus1?

[17:11] Section5Plus1 Harvey: ok

[17:11] Bob2007 Boyd: we are representing Bragg

[17:11] Eon Berkman: would boyd please stand and come down front

[17:11] Section5Plus1 Harvey: Potential jurors, do you own property in Second Life?

[17:11] Fossil Watkin: Yes

[17:11] Teresa Cinquetti: yes

[17:11] Rebecca Berkman: ack, sorry for the confusion.

[17:11] Cordelia Moy: No.

[17:11] Daisyblue Hefferman: yes, I do

[17:12] Nate Grigges: no

[17:12] Chinadoll Lulu: yes

[17:12] Tetero Lesse: no

[17:12] Alan Lederberg: no

[17:12] Chuck Commons: No

[17:12] Yuu Nakamichi: no

[17:12] Fossil Watkin: i own a business

[17:12] Rebecca Berkman: law students -- you can see a record of peoples' answers by hitting your "history" button.

[17:12] Section5Plus1 Harvey: Do you earn any portion of your income from activities you carry on in Second Life?

[17:12] Nate Grigges: no

[17:12] Tetero Lesse: no

[17:12] Chuck Commons: No

[17:12] Cordelia Moy: no.

[17:12] Alan Lederberg: no

[17:12] Daisyblue Hefferman: yes

[17:13] Fossil Watkin: not yet, still waiting to get it off the ground

[17:13] Teresa Cinquetti: I make money I wouldn't call it an income

[17:13] Chinadoll Lulu: same as T

[17:13] Chinadoll Lulu: so i guess it is yes

[17:13] Fossil Watkin: where do u ladies work?

[17:14] Section5Plus1 Harvey: Potential juror, when you clicked "agree" to the Terms of Service for Second Life, do you feel you were bound by everything in the agreement even what you have not read?

[17:14] Rebecca Berkman: Fossil, please keep quiet except answers to teh questions -- like in court.

[17:14] Daisyblue Hefferman: yes

[17:14] Teresa Cinquetti: yes

[17:14] Nate Grigges: no

[17:14] Fossil Watkin: Yes

[17:14] Tetero Lesse: yes

[17:14] Chinadoll Lulu: yes

[17:14] Alan Lederberg: didn't think about it

[17:14] Cordelia Moy: yes

[17:14] Fossil Watkin: by all means

[17:14] Yuu Nakamichi: yes

[17:14] Chuck Commons: I felt like I didn't really have a choice.

[17:15] Section5Plus1 Harvey: Do you think Second Life is more like a game or an interactive world?

[17:15] Fossil Watkin: Both

[17:15] Chinadoll Lulu: the latter

[17:15] Cordelia Moy: an interactive world

[17:15] Alan Lederberg: interactive world

[17:15] Nate Grigges: interactive world

[17:15] Yuu Nakamichi: iw

[17:15] Daisyblue Hefferman: equally both

[17:15] Tetero Lesse: it's different things to different people

[17:15] Teresa Cinquetti: virtual world

[17:15] Chuck Commons: interactive world

[17:15] Chinadoll Lulu: (IVW)

[17:16] Fossil Watkin: what is difference b/w virtual and interactive?

[17:16] Chinadoll Lulu: (interactive does not have to be virtual, and virtual do not have to be interactive --- toanswer fossil)

[17:17] Section5Plus1 Harvey: For our final question, do you consider Linden Labs the owners of Second Life? We reserve the right to ask further questions if time permits.

[17:17] Fossil Watkin: Yes

[17:17] Alan Lederberg: yes

[17:17] Chuck Commons: Yes

[17:17] Daisyblue Hefferman: yes

[17:17] Chinadoll Lulu: yes

[17:17] Tetero Lesse: yes

[17:17] Nate Grigges: for lack of a more precise question, yes

[17:17] Tropical Drink whispers: Cheers!!

[17:17] Teresa Cinquetti: SL yes copyrights no

[17:18] Eon Berkman: thank you Section5Plu7s1

[17:18] Cordelia Moy: Tough question.

[17:18] Chinadoll Lulu pokes T in the ribs, hehe they only asked owners of SL

[17:18] Section5Plus1 Harvey: Thank you

[17:18] Eon Berkman: are we ready to move to boyd

[17:18] Teresa Cinquetti smiles

[17:18] Section5Plus1 Harvey: We'd like to ask further questions if time permits after opposing counsel conducts their interview.

[17:18] Bob2007 Boyd: Can we begin?

[17:18] Eon Berkman: boyd, would you please proceed

[17:18] Bob2007 Boyd: Thank you.

[17:19] Nate Grigges: intellectual property can be owned Chinadoll, so I think Teresa probably had a point

[17:19] Rebecca Berkman: Fossil, please do not disrupt. I will have to hold you in contempt.

[17:19] Fossil Watkin: i was just dancing b/w questioining

[17:19] Chinadoll Lulu: (Nate, not to discuss this here, the question was SL, did not specify)

[17:19] Bob2007 Boyd: First question: have you taken the time to read and understand the Second Life terms of service? If so, which provisions do you recall?

[17:19] Nate Grigges: no

[17:19] Alan Lederberg: no

[17:19] Chuck Commons: no

[17:19] Daisyblue Hefferman: not in full.

[17:19] Chinadoll Lulu: no

[17:19] Eon Berkman: please, one question at a time

[17:20] Teresa Cinquetti: not all part on content

[17:20] Cordelia Moy: Glanced at them.

[17:20] Yuu Nakamichi: same as cordelia

[17:20] Chinadoll Lulu: i was checking if they install spywares

[17:20] Chinadoll Lulu: that is all

[17:20] Tetero Lesse: I read them carefully months ago (for a class), but don't remember specific provisions. As I recall, all rights were reserved to Linden Labs

[17:21] Bob2007 Boyd: Second question: do you feel that you or Linden Labs owns the property that you purchase in Second Life?

[17:21] Daisyblue Hefferman: I do

[17:21] Teresa Cinquetti: I do

[17:21] Chuck Commons: Linden Labs

[17:21] Nate Grigges: Linden Labs

[17:21] Yuu Nakamichi: ll

[17:22] Chinadoll Lulu: i do not know enough to answer that question. (you or LL)

[17:22] Tetero Lesse: Ultimately - they have eminent doman. But owners have rights vis a vis other residents

[17:22] Cordelia Moy: Complicated question here.

[17:22] Alan Lederberg: not sure

[17:23] Zuling Zhaoying: is it too late to be on the jury?

[17:23] Bob2007 Boyd: Third question: what were the qualities of Second Life that led you to choose it over other MMOs/virtual worlds?

[17:23] Alan Lederberg: being used in cyberone

[17:23] Section5Plus1 Harvey: Objection

[17:23] Yuu Nakamichi: no choice

[17:23] Daisyblue Hefferman: first i heard about

[17:23] Section5Plus1 Harvey: Not a yes or no questionBasis:

[17:23] Chinadoll Lulu: wait

[17:24] Chinadoll Lulu: there is an objection

[17:24] Eon Berkman: objection overruled

[17:24] Tetero Lesse: Initially the buzz, later the richness of the environment - an that the class I wanted to take was conducted in SL

[17:24] Eon Berkman: please answer

[17:24] Nate Grigges: I joined to be part of this activity

[17:24] Teresa Cinquetti: social aspects

[17:25] Cordelia Moy: Well 'd enrolled in the class Eon was teaching to see exactly how arguments are made inSL -- wnated

[17:25] Chinadoll Lulu: i choose SL cuz it is more than a game, in fact it is much more than a game

[17:25] Cordelia Moy: to explore the educational potential

[17:25] Yuu Nakamichi: to repeat, no choice as there's no comparable service available

[17:25] Chinadoll Lulu: the inter-relationships keeps me here

[17:25] Teresa Cinquetti: it is social and does not have the useless grind of an MMO

[17:25] Chuck Commons: to participate in specific projects (Berkman lunches, BeyondBroadcast)

[17:26] Chinadoll Lulu: yes no grind, and no mindless chase of emptyness of meaningless things

[17:27] Teresa Cinquetti: that and I just got paid for a sale :) while sitting here

[17:27] Bob2007 Boyd: Fourth question: If Linden Labs were to develop another MMO/ virtual world, would you try it? If yes, why?

[17:27] Daisyblue Hefferman: no, too much invested here. unless it was transferable

[17:27] Alan Lederberg: probably; to check it out

[17:27] Chinadoll Lulu: i would try it since i believe LL has done a good job in developing SL.

[17:27] Nate Grigges: hard to say with no more info than that, but probably no

[17:27] Teresa Cinquetti: yes because this one has shown itself to be a positive experience not perfect but a start

[17:27] Tetero Lesse: Yes. I think they do good work and would be interested in seeing what they come up with next

[17:28] Cordelia Moy: Depends on what it was designed to do -- what made it different, better, etc. Would visit; not necessarily migrate.

[17:28] Yuu Nakamichi: I would look for transferability as well, but dont expect to see ll roll out anything esle on this scale

[17:28] Chuck Commons: Only if I needed to use it for a specific event. Most likely not though.

[17:28] Yuu Nakamichi: I woul actively look for competitors

[17:30] Eon Berkman: boyd, have you concluded your questioning

[17:30] Bob2007 Boyd: Fifth question: have you already formed a strong opinion about the parties or issues relating to this case?

[17:30] Tetero Lesse: no

[17:30] Nate Grigges: no

[17:30] Daisyblue Hefferman: no

[17:30] Cordelia Moy: No.

[17:30] Teresa Cinquetti: no

[17:30] Yuu Nakamichi: no

[17:31] Alan Lederberg: no

[17:31] Chuck Commons: No

[17:31] Chinadoll Lulu: no, i have no idea what tis case is about to be honest

[17:31] Chinadoll Lulu: i know someone is sueing ll, that's about it

[17:32] Tropical Drink whispers: Cheers!!

[17:32] Eon Berkman: are there further questions to be put to the potential jurors

[17:32] SimonRaven Chippewa: /mg suspend

[17:32] Eon Berkman: boyd, secion5+

[17:32] Bob2007 Boyd: No more questions, your honor. Thank you, jury pool.

[17:33] Rebecca Berkman: I have one question I'd like to pose, if that's ok:

[17:33] Section5Plus1 Harvey: Just a minute please.

[17:33] Rebecca Berkman: Potential jurors, are you willing to commit to be here tomorrow and thursday night from 5-6pm SLT?

[17:33] Nate Grigges: yes Rebecca

[17:33] Tetero Lesse: yes

[17:33] Daisyblue Hefferman: yes

[17:33] Alan Lederberg: yes

[17:33] Chuck Commons: yes

[17:33] Cordelia Moy: Yes.

[17:33] Yuu Nakamichi: yes

[17:34] Chinadoll Lulu: yes however... something came up in RL

[17:34] Teresa Cinquetti: yes

[17:34] Chinadoll Lulu: my mom in law pass away

[17:34] Chinadoll Lulu: and i may or may not be able to make it toorrow

[17:34] Chinadoll Lulu: but Teresa will log it for me

[17:34] Section5Plus1 Harvey: Thank you, but we have no more questions.

[17:35] Nate Grigges: did Section5+1 have another question?

[17:35] Eon Berkman: do either of the parties wish to challengee any of the potential jurors for cause?

[17:35] Nate Grigges: nm

[17:35] Section5Plus1 Harvey: No challenges for cause.

[17:35] Bob2007 Boyd: No.

[17:35] Eon Berkman: then we have our jury!

[17:36] Section5Plus1 Harvey: What about peremptory challenges?

[17:36] Eon Berkman: we want a jury of nine. we have a jury of nine. am i correct in this?

[17:36] Section5Plus1 Harvey: We count 10 people answering questions.

[17:37] Nate Grigges: sounds like it, Eon

[17:37] Eon Berkman: becca, would you determine how many jurors we have please.

[17:37] Section5Plus1 Harvey: Fossil, Cordelia, Teresa, Daisyblue, Nate, Chinadoll, Totero, Chinadoll, Chuck, Yuu

[17:37] Chinadoll Lulu: chinadoll is chinadoll

[17:37] Rebecca Berkman: Fossil, are you still here?

[17:37] Chinadoll Lulu: :P

[17:37] Einsel Lesnie: shouldn't we keep ten to include an alternate?

[17:38] Alan Lederberg: me too

[17:38] Rebecca Berkman: I don't think Fossil answered Boyd's questions.

[17:38] Section5Plus1 Harvey: Sorry, not two Chinadolls. I meant Alan

[17:38] Teresa Cinquetti: I think Fossil was a greifer

[17:38] Eon Berkman: we want nine jurors plus alternates

[17:38] Hojo Chaplin: he was clearly a troll

[17:38] Chinadoll Lulu: did all of the 10 answered all questions (ooc)

[17:38] Rebecca Berkman: Can we have Chinadoll as an alternate since she is not sure that she can be here tomorrow?

[17:38] Eon Berkman: yes

[17:39] Rebecca Berkman: And the 9 others as the jury?

[17:39] Chinadoll Lulu: yes unfortunately i guessed it

[17:39] Eon Berkman: yes

[17:39] Rebecca Berkman: Eon, it seems to me that we could use a little teaching from you on the jury selection process and the idea of a jury.

[17:39] Chinadoll Lulu: as much as i wish to be in the jury, i think that set up is the best for the class (ooc)

[17:39] Rebecca Berkman: Now that we've just been through it.

[17:39] Nate Grigges: if we don't count fossil, doesn't that make 9 with 0 alternates?

[17:39] Teresa Cinquetti: mmhmm

[17:40] Rebecca Berkman: Oh, you're right Nate!

[17:40] Chinadoll Lulu: ok i am in

[17:40] Chinadoll Lulu: thank you

[17:40] Chinadoll Lulu: :D

[17:40] Rebecca Berkman: OK, we'll have Chinadoll as well.

[17:40] Nate Grigges: unless you prefer to include Fossil....

[17:40] Chinadoll Lulu: YAY

[17:40] Chinadoll Lulu: ^_^

[17:40] Chinadoll Lulu giggles, i hope i am prefered over mr. fossil griefer

[17:40] Eon Berkman: a jury is meant to stand as representative of the larger community

[17:40] Eon Berkman: we will be asking jurors to listen to the advocates and witnesses

[17:40] Madison Kotobide: isthe person being disruptive during Voir Dire a challenge for cause?

[17:41] Eon Berkman: jurors will be able to ask questions, but not until permitted to do so

[17:41] Eon Berkman: so

[17:42] Eon Berkman: jurors will be asked to deliberated and to answer specific questions put to them by me, as judge

[17:42] Rebecca Berkman: do we need a foreavatar?

[17:43] Eon Berkman: as to each question jurors will be asked to deliberate among themselves and to vote

[17:43] Eon Berkman: with majority vote prevailing.

[17:43] Eon Berkman: yes, becca, would you designate a fore-avatar

[17:43] Chinadoll Lulu smiles

[17:44] Rebecca Berkman: Yes, let's have Cordelia as the fore-avatar, if that is ok with you Cordelia.

[17:44] Cordelia Moy: Sure.

[17:44] Eon Berkman: it will be the duty of the fore-avatar to lead the jury deliberation, tally the vote, and report the result.

[17:44] Cordelia Moy: Okay.

[17:45] Chinadoll Lulu raises her hand....

[17:45] Rebecca Berkman: OK, let's open up the floor for discussion and questions for the last few minutes of this evening!

[17:45] Rebecca Berkman: Tomorrow we will meet at the courtroom at 8pm EST/5pm SLT for opening statements!

[17:46] Chinadoll Lulu: professor, in the grand jury i have served as a foreperson, it was the duty of the jury secretary to tally the vote and reporting.. is that different here compare to the grand jury?

[17:46] You: I was just going to note, for the groups, that we will be primarily posting assingments on the wiki, so the HLS students should make sure to check it periodically

[17:47] Eon Berkman: procedures vary. whatever works in the circumstance

[17:47] Eon Berkman: may we proceed, in just a moment, to move to the courtroom to see if the space will work for us

[17:47] Yuu Nakamichi: what communication tool will the jurors be asked to be using on the following sessions?

[17:47] Yuu Nakamichi: tools

[17:48] Rebecca Berkman: Jurors will communicate with people in teh courtroom using chat.

[17:48] Rebecca Berkman: For deliberation, the jurors will be given a private jury room in which to deliberate.

[17:48] Eon Berkman: when we arrive at the courtroom, would jurors please take seats in the jury box, lawyers at the tables, and others behind the bar.

[17:48] Bruce Flyer: may jurors IM one another?

[17:48] Eon Berkman: yes, jurors may im each other

[17:48] You: eon, where do you want me?

[17:49] Eon Berkman: right beside me

[17:49] You: ok

[17:49] Cuppa Joe (WEAR ONLY TO DRINK) : Hot strong coffee!!

[17:49] Eon Berkman: bec, shall we go to the courtroom?

[17:49] Rebecca Berkman: yes, let's go to the courtroom and try it out!

[17:50] Eon Berkman: would you please lead us there

[17:50] Rebecca Berkman: I think the chat relay is not working, but everything else should be.

[17:50] Cordelia Moy: sorry hearo.

[17:50] Eon Berkman: all rise

[17:51] Eon Berkman: come fl\\\\\\

[17:54] Eon Berkman: welcome, our court is now in informal session

[17:54] Rebecca Berkman: ok, jurors! I just invited you to the jury group.

[17:54] Eon Berkman: are all our jurors seated?

[17:54] Rebecca Berkman: What a weird position you are all seated in !

[17:54] Rebecca Berkman: I will see if I can get that fixed...

[17:55] Eon Berkman: jurors, can you hear me?

[17:55] Eon Berkman: lawyers, can you hear me?

[17:55] Teresa Cinquetti: yes sir

[17:55] Eon Berkman: those behind the bar, can i be heard

[17:56] Rebecca Berkman: Teresa, can you put other pose balls to replace these weird ones? maybe closer together?

[17:56] Chinadoll Lulu: yes Judge Berkman

[17:56] Rebecca Berkman: Eon, i don't think the lawyers can hear you.

[17:56] Teresa Cinquetti: I can but these will have to stay since they belong to Ansible and I can not edit it

[17:56] Rebecca Berkman: I have IM'ed Ansible about it.

[17:56] Eon Berkman: would boyd and section5+ please step forward toward the bench

[17:57] Sycamore Rousselot shouts: To make things audible, could the paries shout for now" (Court reporter)

[17:57] JoelAndrew March: I am bob.

[17:58] Yuu Nakamichi shouts: Rebecca, press Ctrl-Enter

[17:58] Nate Grigges shouts: k

[17:58] Sycamore Rousselot: You can shout by pressing the "shout button at the end of your chat entry rather than just pressing the enter button.

[17:58] Yuu Nakamichi shouts: hover over the chat bar

[17:58] Rebecca Berkman shouts: i am shouting, i hope!

[17:58] Lamar Woolley: I am no longer Section5Plu1

[17:58] Section5Plus1 Harvey: get out of here, Lamar

[17:59] Eon Berkman: bob, would you please speak a few words to the jury to see if they can hear you

[17:59] Eon Berkman: likewise section5+, whoever is speaking for your group

[17:59] Sycamore Rousselot shouts: Shout by pressing the shout button next to the chat entry field rather than just hitting enter

[17:59] Section5Plus1 Harvey: Jurors, how are you tonight?

[17:59] Section5Plus1 Harvey shouts: can you hear me

[18:00] Teresa Cinquetti: wonderful 5

[18:00] Yuu Nakamichi shouts: Can Bob pleas shout as well

[18:00] Chinadoll Lulu: good

[18:00] Cordelia Moy shouts: SUre can

[18:00] Eon Berkman shouts: once again please, can i be heard in all parts of the court

[18:01] Yuu Nakamichi shouts: yes

[18:02] Bob2007 Boyd: We froze again: We're sorry.

[18:03] Eon Berkman shouts: thank you all for attending this evening.

[18:04] Eon Berkman shouts: At this point we will adjourn, and reconvene here tomorrow evening at 8pm est.

[18:04] Section5Plus1 Harvey: thank you jurors.

[18:04] Bob2007 Boyd: Thank you jurors.

[18:04] Eon Berkman shouts: The Court now stands adjourned.

[18:04] Madison Kotobide: attorneys, will you stand in front of the bench, so I can take photo?

[18:05] Yuu Nakamichi shouts: thank you eon, rebecca, bob

[18:05] Yuu Nakamichi shouts: s1+5