Revenue pirates in the Network

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Quoted from the ICANN GA List. This was written from my Renesys email address, hannigan@renesys.

>To: "kidsearch" <>, <>
>Subject: Re: [ga] sitefinder is back? 
>At 04:06 PM 9/19/2006, kidsearch wrote:

This is not new news. You can't relate it to the SiteFinder 
service since this is inside the borders of the ISP and do 
not impact the global infrastructure. The relationship between
the provider and it's customers is not governed by ICANN.

It's likely they are using Paxfire. See

There are some products coming out around DNS revenue
capture. If you examine what OpenDNS has done, it's taken
revenue from the providers. The providers are recapturing
that revenue. Theoretically[1], you can legitimately drop the
host routes from something like OpenDNS and redirect them to your
own solution within the confines of your own network and recapture 
that revenue. We have a new layer developing between the provider
and their customers within the infrastructure they are
revenue pirates for all intents and purposes. 


[1] There seems to be little reason to believe that there is any 
    consequence of dropping a route to another location in a provider
    network, either redirecting it to a similiar provider operated 
    service, or dropping altogether. The precedent would be Vixies
    modification of BIND in response to SiteFinder, and the creation
    and adaptation of RBL's. I am not aware of any case law to
    suppor that. IANAL.

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