Questions from the Question Tool 1/03/07

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--: 1)What times exactly are prof. Nesson's office hours on Thursday? 2) Are we supposed to be gradually learning the notes 1-14 on "evidence wiki 2006" 3) Where are Levin's lectures/notes posted???

--: Regarding the rim, if your expert could show that it was definitely a Buick rim that couldn't fit onto a Ford, wouldn't that mean that it's not reasonable for the jury to infer that it came from the Ford?

    --: In that case would you be able to present a witness to show that the rim was a Buick rim?
    --: Yes, but then you'll be strangely resentful of Marisa Tomei for helping you win the case. But get over it -- you're not going to do any better.

--: To ask a ridiculous question, what is the proper title for Mr. Levin? Should we refer to him as Mr. Levin, Professor Levin, or some other title?

    --: He's a professor at New England School of Law, and we know him in the context of him teaching half our course, so why on earth wouldn't we call him Professor?
    --: Why not just ask him how we wants to be called? Oh, wait, maybe that's what you're doing here on this board.

--: How much of proving that something is "true" or "relevant" depends on what the jury/opposing counsel/judges think of the person making the argument? Is that why we are focusing so much on how one should act in a trial generally and less on evidence?

--: Does the common sense approach extend to how an attorney relates to the judge as well as the jury?

--: Is there a danger in asking rhetorical questions? You think (because of your own biases) that there is one "obvious" answer, only to be surprised that some on the jury think the "obvious answer" is different (opposite of your intention).