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Midas Funds Management

Midas Funds Management. Traffic: 32 Area:13296 sq.m. Location: Friedman 114,174,32(PG)

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Midas Funds Management is located in the Empire Fund Management Headquarters building. This is part of the World Financial Center located in Friedman.

The Area of Friedman consists of many skyscraper type buildings that are usually single floors once you enter. The Empire funds building is no exception to this. The office space has semi private meeting areas off to the left with modern leather furniture. The main room has terminals where one can conduct buy, selling and overall mutual portfolio fund maitenance.

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Opening an account at Midas funds management involves making a deposit into one of the ATMs located in the building. There are prompts which show people how to make the initial deposit. You can alsao check your cash balance from these machines as well as buy new mutual funds.

Midas Funds Management has 11 mutual funds that an individual can select from. The MFM mutual funds are actively manageed by a fund manager who is buying and selling stock on the World Stock Exchange(WSE). The minimum investment is 1000L and the required minimum holding period is 15 days.

The Available MFM Mutal funds and their descriptions are listed below.

MFAGR - Midas Agressive Growth Fund Fund invests in small, new companies or emerging industries whose market value is expected to go up quickly. These investments are most often in IPOS rather than listed stocks on the WSE. The growth potential is determined by MFM's research team. The team is looking for strong executive leadership, rapidly increasing profits and revenue, and increasing economic integration. The fund tries to diversify into various growth industries that it identifies and avoids over weighting in just one sector industry.

MFEIN - Midas Equity Income Fund Fund invests a majority of its capital in stocks paying high dividends. The objective is to profit from dividends instead of capital gains. Stocks with the highest dividend payout ratios relative to price are included in this funds portfolio. The Fund manager and MFM's research team looks at the dividends to make sure they are sutiable before long positions are entered into.

MFGIN - Midas Growth and Income Fund Fund has a dual purpose investment objective. It invests in a blend of high-yield stocks as well as established growth companies. Its purpose it to diversify investment into the best growth companies and the best income companies stock. In some cases growth companies that also pay steady and increasing dividends. When this case occurs the fund will select that stock as priority for investment.

MFGRW - Midas Regualr Growth Fund Fund invests in stock of new companies. There is a preference of companies that are in new industries that have good potential for capital appreciation. The fund invests in stocks with relatively large market capitalism, it invests less in IPOs and tends to select growth companies that already have an established track record.

MFSB - Midas Builders and Materials Sector Fund Funds invests in stocks in the Builders and Materials sector in SL whose stock prices are expected to appreciate. Basic Materials in Secondlife include textures, skins and body parts. The fund invests in the companies that produce these materials and the building companies that use these materials to create builds in Secondlife.

MFSFI - Midas Financial Sector Fund Fund invests in companies in the financial sector whose stock prices are expected to appreciate. The financial secotor includes banks, exchanges, mortgage lending institutions, venture capital companies, asset management companies and insurance groups.

MFSGM - Midas Gaming Sector Fund Fund invests in the companies in the gaming sectore whose stock prices are expected to appreciate. the Gaming sector would invlude companies that provide poker, gambling, and skill based cash competitions for clients.

MFSMA - Midas Media & Advertising Sector Fund Fund invests in comanies in the media and advertising sector whose stock prices are expected to appreciate. Secondlife media and advertising sectors consist of news groups, intra-SL communication service providers, and companies that produce a medium for people to buy advertising through.

MFSRE - Midas RealEstate Sector Fund Fund invests in companies in the real estate sector whose stock prices are expected to appreciate. In Secondlife this includes companies that buy and sell real estate as well as companies that sublease land on private sims and companies that run land rental services.

MFSRT - Midas Retail Sector Fund Fund invests in companies in the retail sector whose stock prices are expected to appreciate. Retailing includes selling products and services to consumers for personal use. In Secondlife retailers include any company that provides goods and/or services directly to the individula SL Consumer.

MFSCO - Midas Small Companies Fund Fund invests in stocks of companies with small market capitalization. Market capitalization is calculated by multiplying the number of issued and outstanding shares by the current market price. The companies that are sought tend to have violatile price movements and the manager of this fund will try to actively trade their volatility. There is no market cap to qualify stocks as a small company stock. The target is companies in the bottom 10% by market capitalization. Companies are selected in this group with the most value, growth and momentum potential.

MFCBO - Midas Corporate Bond Fund Fund invests in coprorate high yield bonds listed on the World Stock Exchange (WSE). Corporate high yield bonds in Secondlife are capable of hifher and safer returns than stocks in Secondlife. The funds objective is to earn fixed income from the high yield bods that it selects. During bull runs the fund will seek to create capital gains on holding. Midas suggests to have a minium of 10% of your lindens in this fund.

MFDIN - Midas Diversified Investment Fund Fund seeks to contain the greatest diversity that the World Stock Exchange (WSE) has to offer. This is done by choosing stocks from sectors which focus on value, dividens, growth potential, management quality and strength of corporate governance. The objective is to actively maintain and profit from overall rises in the market as a whole. This is the most insulated fund from risk because of its diversified holdings.