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Meeting Observation Work Sheet

(F) means you may have to contact a facilitator or someone in the group to provide the answer.

General Meeting Information

Name of Meeting      Contact    Facilitator      Date


Is this a regularly scheduled meeting? YES NO

(F) How long has this group been meeting?

(F) Are meetings open to anyone? YES NO


  • who may attend:?
  • how is this controlled

CODE / Facilitator / Location / Other

(F) Are meeting times and location announced by any of the following?:

Email /IM / Calendar / Website / Other

Meeting particulars

How many people are present at the start of the meeting?

Was there a facilitator? YES / NO


  • Was the facilitator designated?: Before Meeting / During Meeting
  • (F)Is the job rotated at every meeting?

Was there a prepared agenda?: YES / NO

  • Who has access to it?: Facilitator/ Everyone / Leadership group
  • When?: Before Meeting / During Meeting / Both
  • Did all items get covered? YES / NO
  • Is there a time alloted for each agenda item?

Is part of the agenda set aside for "old business" (action items from previous meetings, etc)?

Was there a designated time keeper? YES / NO

Did the meeting have a designated ending time? YES / NO


  • Did it end on time? YES / NO

How long did the meeting last?  ____      How many people spoke? ____ 

Indicate the primary purpose(s) of this meeting (choose as many as apply):

sharing information / planning / problem solving / social /inspirational / task completion / Other (describe) 

Meeting Behavior

(F) Are their any rules/guidelines that govern the meeting process?: YES / NO


  • How do members find out about them?

Did the facilitator ever intervene when someone was making comments?: YES / NO


  • Due to?: Length of comment / Topic / Tone

Is there any order imposed on when people can speak? YES / NO


  • Are people required to speak?: in turn / when recognized / other
  • how is this enforced?

Did the facilitator decide who spoke?:

Always / Sometimes / Never

Were there any disruptions? YES / NO


  • Were they by?:
participants / outsiders / both

Was any action taken to keep people from moving to a new topic before the previous one is finished? YES /NO

  • If yes, describe

Were any of the following techniques used:

"go 'rounds" / ice-breakers / role-plays /games?:

Describe any other techniques that were used:

Other observations about meeting behavior:


Were meeting decisions made by? (check all that apply):

consensus / majority vote / facilitator / a leaderhip cadre / mixed / other / not clear

Did any voting take place?? YES / NO

Do meeting outcomes include any of the following (check all that apply)?:

action-item list / agenda for next meeting / summary report / meeting evaluation

If there was an action item list, are names assigned to the tasks on it?


Below are several statements that could apply to meetings. Please rate how well they apply to meetings of your group.

Use a rating scale of 1 to 5 where 5 =strongly agree and 1=strongly disagree:

         * Are well run =
         * Are easy to follow =
         * Finish in a reasonable amount of time  =
         * Permit everyone to feel heard  =
         * Produce clear outcomes and action items =


Note any activities that seem to be enforced or facilitated by code:

Other comments: