Lecture Notes for Tuesday, 10/31

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What is podcasting? [1]

One of most misunderstood phrases, because people think you need to have an ipod to listen.

Audio or video on a webpage that has a web feed.

Different from static html page with audio/video piece on the site.

The feed is the key.

Feed allows you to subscribe to the audio or video on the website

The critical distinction is “push” vs. “pull”. Podcasting automatically feeds or “pushes” new audio/video files into your system (like I-Tunes) rather than requiring you to search for these files and download (“push”) them on your own.


Mary Weld makes her argument in the form of a podcast for towing cars that are in violation of Cambridge parking codes.

Joel Schellhamer recorded a podcast on the wind energy industry in Martha's Vineyard.

Aaron Sokoloff recorded a podcast about his idea for creating a website for sports commentary that would replace ESPN insider.

Alex Lee recorded a podcast advocating for the creation of a distinction between smuggling and trafficking people.

The deadline for the class creating and uploading individual podcasts is next Monday

More Notes Podcasting What Is A Podcast

   “podcast” is one of the most misunderstood phrases
       some people think they need an ipod
       a podcast is an audio or video webfeed from a webpage, blog, etc.
   RSS feed allows you to subscribe to the audio/video on the website. Feed will automatically deliver new posts.
     the key is the Feed.
     That’s what keeps it from being a static, traditional mp3 posting
     Without the feed, then you would have to go back to the page and check to see if there was new media posted
     With feed, new media is delivered to you though your RSS Aggregator
   Podcast is the feed, not the individual files
   The framework -- podcast is the continuous thread, not the individual points/updates
    Passive nature is the “selling point” of the podcast

Making a podcast

   make a recording 
      Audacity is a free program, link is on the main page
         Can be used for multiple tracts
           Import audio - will create a new track

Step-by-step instructions are posted on the wiki WordPress -- individual log in info was emailed out

   Log in
     Write a new post 
     Title it
     Upload audio file with upload button
        To link file to text, highlight text and hit the chain link button

After file is linked to text, hit publish

     “Subscribe to this blog” is what makes it a podcast

can see the commands in the code same rss feed does more than just mp3s up to the aggregator to tell what is what What makes a podcast that you want to hear?

   Speaking directly to the audience - public speaking techniques
   Structure of the argument for “successful podcast”

Who are you trying to move?

       What is holding them back?

What can get them past that?

Podcasts due next week Monday