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Kevin Wallen, one of Jamaica’s premier motivational speakers, has shown a lifelong commitment to youth and community development. Kevin does extensive work within the harsh penal institutions of Jamaica with the aim of achieving rehabilitation and restorative justice. His commitment to developing leadership in underserved youths and those who are often seen as the “scorned” of society has made him a highly sought after consultant on restorative justice and a leader and pioneer in the areas of personal and professional development.

As Founder of KW International and S.E.T, Kevin speaks to groups around the world, where he tells of the uncanny adventures he has had as a “street boy” in Kingston, Jamaica and of his experiences transitioning to a new life in Canada and the lessons learnt through his interactions with inmates in the prisons of Jamaica.

Within his witty and heart warming stories, he delivers a message that relates to us all. It is a message of hope, dedication and the will to never let anything stand in the way of our dreams. His audiences completely enjoy his entertaining, inspirational and motivational speeches which leave them feeling great about themselves and hopeful for the future.

Kevin has worked with over 150 schools in Canada, several companies, high schools, colleges and universities in Jamaica and would love the opportunity to work with your organization.

Kevin serves as a consultant to the Dept. of Correctional Services, USAID, and is a Harvard Fellow. He is also Director of S.E.T (Students Expressing Truth), a non profit organization which serves as a model of rehabilitation and restorative justice within the penal institutions.

For more information please visit Mr. Wallen’s webpage at or Google Kevin Wallen to see some of the other projects with which he has been involved.