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Ident-I-pedia - The Identity Wiki -- Exploring the Nomenclature of Identity --

This wiki is intended to create a common reference to identity terminologies. The goal of this project is to explore the oracular difference of identity related constructs in law, technology, and society to help create a identity language that has legal authority internationally. This is part of a project to foster a better understanding of how our individual liberty can be applied to solve future identity and planet related issues.

Started as in the first Cyberone At-Large Open Space Law class at the Berkman centre Harvard. Then continuing on to everyone in identity land and beyond.

Wiki Tasks

  • Add links and support this project, create a global identity resource out of this wiki by linking your identity definitions or libraries
  • Then send this link to two people to add content to this wiki to grow this identity knowledge base into something more comprehensive with extremely little effort.

What this Wiki needs:

  • a guide to what constitutes appropriate material for the identity wiki(ongoing document in wiki)

Underestimating how critical and fundamental transparency is concerning our identity is a fundamental issue we exisit with. Creating a global identity language would be a huge step forward to be able to see our identifiers and control them for personal benefit.

This wiki is intended to create a knowledge base of identity words and possible spawn a working group that can bring consensus together in defining the language and providing the deep insight identity and transparency can provide to society . Categories: (Please add more categories at whim, we are still in the brainstorming stage)

To empower this project and to create momentum for this effort you can put Your Name HereThis will show intent and participation to inspire others working on this project.