Harvard Internet & Society Conference 2007

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Internet & Society 2007

open access:
	to the commonwealth of knowledge
	to the machine, hardware and software
	to the net
	to Harvard University
	to a sharing loving spirit of the Net

date:  last week of may, week before graduation

	Faculty, Alumni, Students, Staff and Friends of Harvard University

        a succession of the most beautiful and functional gathering places at each of Harvard's schools

 	varied, including Socratic discussions, interviews, panels, keynotes, demonstrations, entertainments, food for thought lunches and dinners, dance and concert

	Harvard busses among the schools

honorary chair:
	Derek Bok

working chairs:
	Charles Ogletree and Charles Nesson

administrative support
	Office of the Provost

supporting centers:
	Berkman Center for Internet & Society
	Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice

keynotes to be invited:
        Jimbo Wales
        Johnetta Coles
        Bill Gates
        Kevin Wallen
        Samantha Power


        to amplify the work of the Provost's Committee on Open Access by acquainting faculty, staff, alumni and students of the university with the open access issue

        to assist the Berkman Center in moving from being a law school center to becoming a center of the university

        to assist the Charles Houston Institute in establishing and advancing its mission of opening our university to minority 

        to assist the Offices of Provost and President in integrating the schools of Harvard

        to advance a sensibility in the world of openness, reason and art