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Project Description

The Second Life Terms of Service provisions concerning seizure of assets are widely unknown to SL residents which could lead to inadvertant violation and seizure of assets.

Most residents are likley under the assumption that the laws concerning assett seizure in SL are similar to RL. 21:02, 28 November 2006 (EST)

Empathic Argument

While Linden Labs needs to protect their interests and limit their liability, the residents of second life should be afforded aome protections as well. Within the TOS, a balance should be attainable which would allow LL the protections it requires as well as allow the residents a minimum level of protection for their work.

Target Audience

Residents of Second life who have virtual assets and may be unaware of the rules concerning asset seizure and what actions could inadvertantly result in loss of assets.

Specifically, we wish to inform SL residents of the fact that the protections that exist in RL concerning property do not extend to SL and to ultimately pursuade LL to provide some minimal prtections to the residents.

Real Project Interests

Chinadoll LuLu, a second life resident that has had property seized by LL

Project Action Plan

Interview Chinadoll LuLu regarding her asset seizure experience and use her story to relate to other residents.

Draw from the Berger case if we feel it is applicable. (We need to discuss)

Create a note card and a podcast for our kiosk object in SL and finalize how the kiosk will be used.

Sojeff62 21:42, 24 November 2006 (EST)