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Video prominently displayed

Main features (radio buttons? Circular wheel of options?)

What do we want
•	Short synopsis of argument
•	Specifics of what we want:
o	New questions to ask
o	No black list of blocked donors
Why do we want it?
•	Longer version of the argument
o	Also a podcast version
•	Why should you care about this?
•	Who controls the decision whether to exclude gays from donating blood?
•	How does the Red Cross know you’re gay?  
•	How can I get involved?
•	How many gay men are there in America that are excluded by this policy?
•	What do they do in other countries?
•	Where can I find statistics about HIV/AIDS rates in America?
•	What do you suggest instead of the current policy?
•	Aren’t you distracting attention from other more important equality issues?
•	Aren’t you just trying to make the blood supply less safe?
•	[Add more]

How to get more involved
•	E-sign this petition
•	Post the video to your blog/site/MySpace/Facebook
o	Give URL and embed code
•	Join this facebook group/myspace group
o	Link that does it automatically
•	Link to this site
•	Write the FDA
o	Easy to download letter
•	Write the President
•	Write your Congressman
o	Link to look up your congressman
•	Pass out these fliers at your local blood drive
o	Easily downloadable flier

Who we are
•	Harvard, Stanford, Yale students

•	CDC website
•	Red Cross website
•	Articles about others fighting this
o	High school protests
o	Red Cross advice to change it

•	Red Cross
•	General info about blood donations
o	How much
o	How does it work
o	How often
o	Why is it important