FreeRice Meeting

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  • Class Discussion
  • Report on Progress (Carnegie & Pre-algebra)
  • Linking from site and whether possible to think of a way to bring revenue to project that supports act but not through World Food Program


  • Focus on how to accomplish
  • Materials: other sites; simple levels in order to build confidence; reason why answers are correct
  • Create outreach and quality control


  • Wikipedia has stats

Quality Control

  • Board to discuss issues
  • Create structure - get something in return for volunteering

Luke Sullivan's Recommendations

  • Eliminate fraudulent clicks
  • Application to make site quicker - $7K/year

Strategic Games

  • Independent site that gives free rice a problem? Will there be confusion of brand if there is a separate strategic game site?
  • Create a site that stimulates educational content with a lot of traffic, when engage site see reward related to advertisement - World Food Program


  • World Food Program does not want to continue to handle it; possible to have a percentage of money to go to the site (15 - 20% and generate over $100K)
  • If successful, need more sponsored money. Solicit ads from larger companies. Right now, they charge $0.30/one thousand ads
  • For-profit v non-profit


  • Conceptualize structure in a way that funds it
  • Establish outreach quality control
  • Focal point: legal and business aspects
  • Volunteer board and expansion of site/coding
  • Carnegie Grant: what we would do with money (break out categories)
  • Improving Site
    • Usernames
    • Competitions
    • ESL Portion


  • Collecting user information